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Executive Summary
View from Dr Chris Flower
To me, the highlights of 2015 were the CTPA Members’
Event in June and the 70
Anniversary celebratory lunch in
November. The former built upon the ground that we broke
in 2014 with the first of such events. However, this time we
went further and challenged members with alternative views
of the world and the major changes that are happening
around us. We challenged members with alternative
views of how to prepare for and manage that future.
Our members responded in style and provided a rich fund
of ideas and reactions of their own that will shape CTPA
in the years ahead.
We heard, for example, that the phenomenal growth of the
internet, of social media and of accessible online platforms
has led to the re-wiring of the brain circuits of vast swathes
of the population. People reach their conclusions on the
basis of small snippets glimpsed through a sea of fast-moving
information. Those conclusions are likely to be based on a
superficial reading of lots of similarly superficial material;
and, once they are formed, it may prove difficult to shift those
opinions. In essence, people are losing the ability to gather
and weigh large amounts of complex material and reach a
balanced judgement in which the value of each contribution
is judged on its merits. Instead, the ‘truth’ of a position is
being judged on the number of ‘likes’ a statement has on
a social media site.
This will have profound implications for the way we communicate,
not just with the public at large but also with regulatory
authorities. Carefully argued cases for one sector may fail to
succeed because of politics and government policies but
I would hope never to see those policies based on,
for example, crowd-sourced data as a measure of public
opinion. However, the future is nothing if not unpredictable.
By way of contrast, the 70
Anniversary Luncheon was a
wonderful opportunity to celebrate the long and successful
history of the CTPA with many members and staff from the
past and the present. We reflected upon the journey CTPA
has been on from those early times campaigning against taxes
on luxury goods, through the increasing complexity of
legislation both in the UK and more widely across Europe to
the present day. Of course, science and technology have moved
forwards in leaps and bounds; today’s consumers have access
to a variety of products quite unimaginable to the consumer
of seventy years ago; quality, efficacy and safety have never
been higher; and yet the challenges have also grown.
Today’s speed of communication and the sheer volume now
being processed would have been inconceivable to someone
who once had to pre-book a telephone call to mainland
Europe. Now anyone can talk to the world, instantly, from
their mobile telephone, anywhere.
Taken together, these two highlights provide the reasoning
why CTPA will have to review its communications constantly;
not just what we say and how and when we say it but where
we say it too. Given all our investment in establishing CTPA
as the authoritative public voice of a vibrant and responsible
industry, we must remain visible if we are to retain trust in our
actions toward the consumer. Visibility today means much
more than just writing a carefully crafted letter to one of the
broadsheet newspapers, but creating a space that others want
to come to because of what you say and for what you stand.
Executive Comment
The Association has continued to build upon its programme of
demonstrating trustworthiness to members and stakeholders
alike. By working closely with its members, the Competent
Authorities, Trading Standards and other stakeholders CTPA
ensures that best practices are developed and disseminated
with clear guidance on the strict laws for cosmetic products.
An Association whose members are trusted to act responsibly
has a credible voice and use of the members’ logo showing
a company supports the aims and objectives of that
Association adds value to its business. Such a compendium
of expertise demonstrates an industry that is both responsible
and trustworthy.
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Dr Chris Flower
CTPA Director-General
Aimee Goldsmith
CTPA Vice-chairman
Max Costantini
CTPA Vice-chairman
John Harold
Honorary Treasurer
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