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‘To be the authoritative public voice of a vibrant and responsible
UK industry, trusted to act responsibly for the consumer’.
CTPA - Why Join?
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CTPA makes a great difference for members, covering issues
on behalf of the industry as a whole that would be difficult
or inappropriate for individual members, or small groups of
members, to tackle.
The CTPA is an active participator within Cosmetics Europe,
the European personal care association, contributing to
committees and discussions with the European institutions.
We have day-to-day contact with the key UK Government
departments that control the safety and supply of cosmetic
products in the UK. This enables us to provide our members
with the most up-to-date interpretation of and guidance on
regulatory matters affecting cosmetic products in Europe.
By maintaining an extensive network of national association
contacts, we are also able to ensure a good information flow
to and from our members on country issues that may affect
their ability to export, including those areas outside of Europe.
The CTPA works with the media, key stakeholders and opinion
formers to show how cosmetics have a positive role in society.
Used daily by millions of people worldwide, our industry’s
products help people feel more confident in their appearance,
enhance their feeling of well-being and contribute to
positive self-esteem. We also provide information, briefings
and factual information to the media and stakeholders to
facilitate easy access for consumers to information about
the safety of cosmetic and personal care products.
Our consumer w
a wealth of scie
behind cosmetics. Written in a clear, factual manner, the
website is simple to navigate and provides answers to
commonly asked questions.
Representing Members Worldwide
Over 175 members representing small, medium, large and
multi-national companies supplying the UK market
Companies include manufacturers, distributors, ingredient
suppliers, contract laboratories, contract manufacturers,
retailers of own brand
Representing around 80% by value of the £9,102 million
UK market supply (2015 retail sales value)
CTPA membership gives you access to our experienced
regulatory, scientific and technical staff to help you
market safe, effective products that provide a wide range
of consumer choice both in the UK and overseas.
Membership provides you with peace of mind with:
up-to-date legislative references;
guidance on compliance;
confidential one-to-one advice;
advice on best practice;
advance knowledge of upcoming changes;
global updates on key issues;
media and consumer information;
24/7 online resources accessible worldwide.
Representing all types of companies involved in making,
supplying and selling cosmetic and personal care products,
the Cosmetic, Toiletry & Perfumery Association (CTPA) acts
as the voice of the UK industry.
CTPA Annual Report
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