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Methodology & Data Sources
IRI market tracking data:
Census EPoS data from Asda, Boots, Iceland,
Morrisons, Sainsburys, Superdrug, Tesco,
Waitrose, Wilkinson, The Cooperative Group
(including Somerfield).
Sample EPoS data from Symbol Grocers,
other Coops, independents and chemists.
Other data representation (audit and
estimation methodology) from convenience
stores, petrol forecourts, chemists and other
impulse outlets.
Kantar Worldpanel Purchasing data
Individual purchasing data from a panel of
30,000 households which for this report will
cover other GB outlets not mentioned in IRI
tracking plus Aldi, Costco, Holland & Barrett,
Lidl, Marks & Spencer, Savers, Bodyshop,
bargain stores (such as Poundland, B&M
Bargains, Home Bargains, 99p Stores) and
other smaller outlets.
Kantar Beauty Panel
A panel of 15,000 individuals who record their
purchasing of fragrances, colour cosmetics
and skincare products across all relevant
outlets (including department stores, Boots,
Bodyshop, Internet, mail order and direct
sales) via online data entry.
Report Definitions
Value Sales = £ sold (in 000s)
% Chg = % change versus same time a year ago
Further Details
Kantar Worldpanel
£ Balance UK Trade (Millions)
UK Trade in Global Markets
The UK is seen as a vibrant exporter but 2015 saw a slump
of 5.2% in exports to the EU and a 10.4% drop in exports outside
of the EU. At the same time, imports have increased by 9.6% from
outside of the EU although EU imports decreased by 4.6%. This leaves
the UK as a net importer for both the EU and non-EU markets.
Overall, the EU remains the UK’s largest trading partner with 66%
of the worldwide market in exports and 64.8% of imports. However,
we can also see that manufacturing in countries such as China has
increased over the years with imports from China now ranking in
4th place. Consistent top export markets are the Irish Republic and
Germany with France and the US the top two importers into the UK
in 2015.
Balance of Trade - EU Vs Non EU
Non EU
CTPA Annual Report
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