CTPA Annual Report 2015 - page 26

Since its first workshop in the Sloane Kettering Hospital in New York 26 years ago our industry’s charity has grown into
26 countries. The CTPA is proud to have been instrumental in bringing Look Good Feel Better to the UK 22 years ago and
to have witnessed its growth and huge success across the country.
Charity Begins at Home
1.7 million women living with cancer are supported by the cosmetics industry
Sadly, the need for LGFB’s confidence boosting skincare and
make-up workshops continues to increase with over 165,000
women and teenagers newly diagnosed with cancer each
year. LGFB now offers its free services in 84 locations
throughout the UK and has added Masterclasses to the
‘offering’, enabling women living in less accessible parts of
the country to benefit from the service.
During 2015, the charity was able to run 1400 Workshops
and 220 Masterclasses with the help of over 2,301
volunteer beauty consultants providing over 15,500
women and teenagers with essential skincare and make-up
techniques for minimising some of the most feared
side-effects such as skin changes, eyebrow and eyelash loss.
The Workshops are full of fun, with participants leaving in
high spirits. For families and friends, seeing someone they
love looking better and feeling more confident can help
them to maintain the kind of positive support that is so vital.
None of this hugely valued support would be possible without
our industry’s support - from consultant volunteers to product
donations, logistical support to promotions and personal skills
and expertise.
The LGFB service makes a cancer journey a little better for every women and teenager, but the medical profession also endorses
what the Programme does.
“ Whilst there is no evidence it has a direct effect on the disease, feeling good about your appearance
can help patients get through treatment. Applying make-up allows you to control something about
yourself when everything else is outside your control. I think it’s really important for women to have
access to LGFB’s incredibly practical service - the effect a LGFB skincare and make-up workshop has
on women’s appearance and confidence is life enhancing during such a difficult time.”
Dr Natalie Doyle
Nurse Consultant
The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
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