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The number of online conversations about industry issues
is growing, as social media take-up increases more broadly.
Members asked us at our 2015 Members’ Event to ensure
our scope is wide that we focus on the UK but not to
the exclusion of a global gaze. The need for this is also
supported by insights drawn from listening to digital
conversation; it is becoming increasingly globalised, despite
significant differences in regulation from country to country,
and there’s a pressing need to respond to consumers’
questions and concerns more quickly, more succinctly and,
where possible, visually.
Issues management remains at the heart of our activity,
but by constantly listening to our members and drawing
enhanced understanding from the annual digital and
communications audit, CTPA remains on a continual learning
curve, where ongoing insights clarify our thinking to
increasingly anticipate and pre-empt issues that may
impact trust. This strategic approach allows us to identify
priority issues, and to build our relationships in a way that
enables us to create and disseminate powerful content,
with credible partners.
Supporting the MSc Course
in Cosmetic Science
CTPA provides annual support to
the MSc course in Cosmetic Science
at the London College of Fashion,
University of Arts. As well as financial
course support, CTPA provides
competitive bursaries to encourage
high standards amongst the students
and continuous improvement in results.
CTPA Educational Portal – CATIE
CTPA’s long-established education site, CATIE, was
completely revised during 2014/15, relaunching in August
2015 to provide new and improved free resources for
schools and colleges. Predominantly focusing on the
science curriculum, it incorporates learning activities,
in-depth teachers’ notes and a careers section.
Mapped to particular key stages, the site provides upbeat,
fresh and modern resources designed to appeal to young
people, using the science behind everyday items such as
cosmetics and experiences to which students can relate.
The site explains how plants grow, what affects hearing and
pitch, the classification of plants, how an aerosol works and
much, much more.
The CATIE educational portal is free to use and no registration
is required to access the resources. The site has launched
on its established domain –
– and has
been showcased to teachers within the widely-used
Times Educational Supplement site.
Students working in the lab
CTPA Annual Report
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