CTPA Annual Report 2015 - page 24

British Skin Foundation
CTPA partnered with the British Skin Foundation
to educate consumers on PPD allergy and warn
around the dangers of so called ‘Black Henna’
Temporary Tattoos (BHTTs).
With an impactful media package of new research,
a case study, images and video content, launch
week alone resulted in 134 articles all of which
included our allergy messaging.
In addition, 57 of those included CTPA’s BHTTs
video and the campaign achieved more than
4,000 shares on social media.
CTPA’s “Why to avoid ‘black henna’ temporary
tattoos” YouTube video has received over
1,000 views since the campaign with
British Skin Foundation
Enhanced Credibility through Partnership
Strong relationships with credible third parties remain invaluable:
their voices lend added weight to the industry’s narrative around key
issues and they also provide influential platforms, enabling us to
communicate a unified message to a wider audience.
We have continued our collaborative, pro-active engagement with
stakeholder groups throughout the year to build on mutually
beneficial relationships. Not only have we opened new dialogues
with influential organisations such as the Royal Pharmaceutical
Society (RPS), we also launched a consumer awareness campaign
with the British Skin Foundation (BSF) following a survey with
dermatologists. The positive dialogue we hold with these
stakeholders continues to open up the opportunity for
collaboration that can build trust among consumers through
partnership, especially to create relevant and enticing content:
“We have enjoyed an open and honest dialogue with
CTPA, which has enabled us to work constructively
together on microplastic pollution – an issue that
consumers are increasingly concerned about.
We’re pleased to see many in the cosmetics industry
taking positive, voluntary action towards phasing out
these unsustainable ingredients from their products”
Tanya Cox
Fauna & Flora International
As well as strengthening relationships with stakeholder groups,
we have closely worked with the publisher Raconteur to provide
industry messaging within its beauty and skincare focused special
reports, distributed with The Times.
In addition, we have been continually in contact with groups
and organisations which are influential in sensitive key industry
issues such as plastic microparticles (microbeads) and animal
testing. These conversations have enabled CTPA to impact the
views of stakeholders:
“Our research into public attitudes to chemistry
shows that people feel distant and emotionally
disconnected from chemistry. This suggests that there
is a significant opportunity to engage consumers
with content that links chemistry with the things that
they do every day, like cooking.”
Jon Edwards
Strategic Communications Manager, Royal Society of Chemistry
Stakeholders have played a strong role in amplifying our messages
via social media, often sharing CTPA content to their own Twitter
and Facebook followings, allowing us to reach a far wider audience.
Listening and Learning: An Educational Journey
Robust Issues Management
New issues constantly threaten trust in the industry and its
products. Rapid, robust rebuttals to media scare stories
continue to play a central part in ensuring the public and
journalists receive fact-based messages.
Over the course of the past year CTPA has responded to
over 100 media issues on a wide range of topics. Key issues
have included the safe use of ingredients such as Triclosan,
parabens and MI, the issues surrounding the use of plastic
microparticles (microbeads) and the numerous questions
surrounding sun protection products including efficacy,
the safety of ingredients and application.
Close communications with members have enabled CTPA to
stay abreast of upcoming issues and allowed the organisation
to influence the overall reporting of issues, ensuring a fair and
balanced representation of the industry in the news. As our
2015 digital and communications audit identified, the trust
challenge for the industry is changing, so it is only right that
CTPA’s communications approach must be constantly reviewed
and refreshed to be mindful of these shifting sands.
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