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Online Facts
A key source of information for consumers, journalists and
s fresh and
ms and
Hot Topic areas. Subscribers are sent ‘In the News’ updates
whenever an issue surfaces, ensuring CTPA responses reach
key industry followers in a timely manner.
Since launching at the end of 2014, the CTPA has continued
to add informative videos to the bank of content on its
YouTube channel. For example, we were able to make
the most out of the Science Behind Beauty event by
recording short interviews with speakers and posting these
on the YouTube channel – providing a diverse range of expert
opinion. The videos from the channel are often sent to media
in response to topical issues to help provide factual and easily
digestible evidence to journalists when writing articles.
As a result, they are often hosted on media websites - for
example, the ‘Black Henna’ temporary tattoo video has
been hosted on 57 different news websites, including the
Mail Online.
We have continued to use Twitter @theCTPA to link
and the YouTube channel.
Industry stakeholders have boosted these efforts,
propagating our messages through retweets and mentions.
Signs of Success
Reassuring consumers:
More than eight out of 10 visitors
are new users (86%); a higher proportion
than last year and a fact that demonstrates the site continues
to engage a broad audience. Significant peaks in traffic to the
website are driven by media stories, which reinforces that the
site is being used as intended: to reassure consumers when
issues arise.
A high quality user base:
‘beauty’ is the leading term in
CTPA followers’ biographies on Twitter, closely followed by
‘editor’, ‘news’, ‘health’, ‘writer’ and ‘industry’, all terms
that indicate we are reaching the right people.
CTPA’s Twitter followers have a wide reach online. More than
20% have between 10- 50,000 followers and 18% have
between 5-10,000 followers. This demonstrates the breadth
and depth of CTPA’s position online.
Building relationships transparently online:
we see
evidence of effective relationship-building bearing fruit
on Twitter in particular. Where media scare stories have
arisen, CTPA has used Twitter in response to address the
issue, deploying a two-pronged approach that considers
both consumer and industry stakeholders as audiences.
First by reassuring consumers with advice through a link
to information, and second by addressing stakeholders
directly with a commitment to work collaboratively.
93,296 unique users in 2015,
an increase from 89,925 in 2014.
CTPA Annual Report
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