CTPA Annual Report 2015 - page 22

To do this, CTPA works closely with its members and its
communications agency, Blue Rubicon, to create a route-map
to plan activity around key issues that could affect members
and impact trust in the industry. The CTPA’s main focus in
2015 was on allergy and safety. This encompassed a wide
range of sub-topics, including hair colorants and PPD,
so called ‘black henna’ temporary tattoos, allergy to
preservatives and the unfounded scare stories relating to
safe ingredients in products. By working in partnership with
credible stakeholders and effectively drawing on relationships
with key media, we were able to create content that
addressed the issues and audiences appropriately, and
generate the right opportunities to share it effectively.
Bridging the Knowledge Gaps:
The Science Behind Beauty
Throughout 2015, the CTPA continued to build strong
relationships with media, providing journalists with trusted
and scientifically sound information which has been vital in
encouraging accurate reporting. As part of this, in May 2015
the CTPA organised a first-of-its-kind event, in conjunction
with the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS) and held at the
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), which brought scientists,
journalists, members and stakeholders together under one
roof for the evening.
‘The Science Behind Beauty’ event aimed to address media
knowledge gaps and raise awareness and understanding of
cosmetic science, focusing on issues that could impact trust
and adversely influence consumer and media opinions.
The event included a series of lectures, a Q&A panel discussion
and a networking reception, designed to explain the depth of
science behind cosmetic products and the detailed processes
companies follow in order to bring innovative and high quality
products to consumers, safely. The event was well-attended
by CTPA and SCS members, stakeholders and the media,
including journalists writing for the national press, beauty titles,
consumer magazines as well as bloggers and freelance journalists.
Where CTPA invests time offline in educating and informing
journalists in this way, we can see it pay off online. Over 100
tweets were sent on the night from media and stakeholders;
they were 100% positive in sentiment and nearly all featured
the #Sciencebehindbeauty hashtag. Feedback since the event
has been overwhelmingly positive with calls for CTPA to run
more ‘Science Behind’ events in the future – something which
is being planned for 2016. In addition to this, it has served
as a strong foundation for new relationships with journalists
which has resulted in more direct enquires to CTPA before
articles are published, allowing us to ensure that information
is factually correct before it reaches consumers.
At the June Members’ event we heard how members want us
to manage issues that can threaten the industry before they
arise, and the Science Behind Beauty event demonstrated
how effectively we can arm journalists with the facts in order
to help militate against some of those potential scare-stories
that can negatively impact trust, before they materialise.
On the night, there were
over 100 tweets about
the event, reaching over
26,000 people
Listening and Learning:
An Educational Journey
Our ambition remains the same ‘to be the authoritative public voice of a vibrant
and responsible UK industry, trusted to act responsibly for the consumer’.
the event, reaching over
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