CTPA Annual Report 2015 - page 20

The world is changing at an ever-increasing rate and expert
commentators have identified a number of mega-trends
which influence all walks of life across the world. These will
undoubtedly impact the UK cosmetics industry as certainly
as science, technology and regulations do. Sometimes,
however, one simply cannot see the wood for the trees,
and this is where CTPA can play a key role. Associations
can take a step away from the here and now, to explore
what the future might have in store and consider what that
association should do in order to be best able to meet the
needs of its industry. CTPA will do this because its members
have asked us to.
Building up from Solid Foundations
CTPA has always strived to exceed the immediate needs of
members. Historically, this was based on expertise in scientific,
technical and regulatory matters but since the early 2000s
CTPA has built upon that solid foundation to develop an
expertise in pro-active communications in order to positively
impact trust. The key collateral was built from two initial
platforms: firstly explaining the difference between hazard
and risk and pressing for risk-based decision-making by
regulators both in the UK and more widely; and secondly
on self-esteem and the contribution that positive self-esteem
brings to the individual, to their circle of friends and family
and to society as a whole. From there, our pro-activity has
evolved to increasingly address issues at their root, with
pro-active strands of work designed to tackle topics that could
impact trust in advance of their surfacing – always guided by
what’s important to our members.
The Changing Face of Cosmetics:
Forming the Future Together
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