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Cosmetics Basics
During 2015, the CTPA Cosmetics Basics workshops
benefited a wide range of members including manufacturers,
brand owners, sub-contractors and retailers.
These member-only free workshops provide an overview
of the pertinent EU legislative requirements for cosmetic
products as well as giving members the opportunity to
discuss specific issues they are facing in their everyday job.
It is an excellent way to learn more about membership
benefits and how to make the best use of CTPA services,
including accessing the right person at CTPA for confidential
one-to-one advice.
Cosmetics Basics workshops will continue in 2016 and a
Cosmetics Basics level 2 will also be organised according
to member demand.
Level 1
provides an introduction to the Cosmetics
Regulation and the CTPA services. New members and
new staff within existing members benefit greatly from
attending this workshop.
Level 2
is an advanced workshop focussing on the
requirements of the Cosmetics Regulation with
practical examples. This also provides the perfect
opportunity for attendees to discuss specific regulatory
issues with CTPA experts.
CTPA Out & About
Collaboration with Trading Standards
CTPA has been building a strong relationship with
Trading Standards Officers (TSOs) over the last few
years through its programme of training sessions
on the Cosmetics Regulation and the attendance of
TSOs at CTPA events. This relationship was further
developed in 2015 with CTPA attending the 2015
Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) annual
conference. As well as having a stand at the
exhibition, CTPA also presented in one of the mini
theatres focussing on what companies (and TSOs)
need to know about the Cosmetics Regulation.
CTPA was able to interact with the TSOs present at
the exhibition and enhance awareness of the practical
implications of the EU Cosmetics Regulation.
It was also the opportunity to launch the latest CTPA
publication, ‘Supplying Cosmetic Products on the UK
Market? A CTPA Guide to What You Need to Know’
which explains the obligations of cosmetic companies
under the EU Cosmetics Regulation. The publication
includes CTPA’s ‘10 Key Principles’ to the Cosmetics
Regulation and is freely available from the Information
Centre on the CTPA public website. The guide has
been written in clear, everyday language and was well
received by individual TSOs at the exhibition.
Making Cosmetics
CTPA has been supporting
the Making Cosmetics
exhibition since its
inception by taking
a CTPA stand and
providing presentations
for the seminar sessions.
In 2015, presentations were given on the Cosmetics
Regulation, with updates and clarification, and an
introduction to the legislation for companies new to
the industry: ‘Be Compliant, Safe & Effective’.
CTPA also took part in a debate led by the Society
of Cosmetic Scientists ‘Cosmetic, Chemicals and
the Truth’ which attracted a sizeable audience.
From l-r
Olivia Santoni
Head of Regulatory & International Services
Amanda Isom
Technical Affairs Manager
Dr Lauren Bailey
Past Scientific Affairs Manager
Erika Bonnegrace
Regulatory Information Officer
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