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CTPA Events
Technical Workshops & Seminars
International Seminar
CTPA hosted its third International Seminar on the
23 and 24 November 2015. The event was attended
by over 100 members.
Regulatory experts from the industry, Association and
Government, presented on the regulatory developments
in key global markets focussing particularly on ASEAN,
China, India, the Middle East, Russia and South America.
EU/EEA Member States’ specific requirements were
also covered.
On the first afternoon Dr Chris Flower opened the event
and was folllowed by a presentation from Mintel giving
some insights on the current global market. Attendees
were then briefed on regulatory changes in India and
China. Members welcomed the intervention from
Ruchi Nanda (BIS Trade Policy Unit - International Market
Access), highlighting how the UK Government is working
to fight trade barriers; specific cosmetic case examples
were shared. We were very pleased to include among the
attendees the BIS Importing Licence team and Trade Policy
Unit - International Market Access.
The first day concluded with three interactive round-table
sessions organised by regions, aimed at identifying the
key regulatory difficulties and the areas of focus for the
CTPA. A drinks reception and a dinner successfully provided
opportunities to network with attendees, speakers, guests
and CTPA staff.
The second day consisted of in-depth presentations delivered
by industry experts and panel discussions on Russia, EU,
the Middle East, ASEAN and South America.
ABS Regulation (Nagoya Protocol)
On 30 November 2015, CTPA held a seminar on the
EU Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Regulation, which
implements the Nagoya Protocol in the EU. The event
was well attended by both raw material suppliers and
manufacturing companies and was a unique opportunity
to put the ABS Regulation into practice via case studies
using the Cosmetics Europe ‘Best Practice for the Cosmetics
Industry’. This event really helped companies to understand
how the ABS Regulation will affect them and how to be
prepared. It also highlighted that there are still grey areas of
interpretation. The Q&A session feedback has been shared
with Cosmetics Europe. Attendees also welcomed the
presentation from Michael Worrell, the EUTR & ABS Project
Manager at the National Measurement and Regulation Office
(NMRO), in charge of enforcing the ABS Regulation in the UK.
“Fantastic speakers, really knowledgeable in their field of
expertise and great to share that other people have the
same issues… I thought it was just me.”
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Ifra Siddqui
Dr Lauren Bailey
, past CTPA;
Michael Worrell
National Measurement & Regulation Office; and
Olivia Santoni
Roundtable session during the International Seminar
Ruchi Nanda
(BIS Trade Policy Unit -
International Market Access)
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