CTPA Annual Report 2015 - page 16

CTPA Events
CTPA runs events for its members as and when the occasion demands and takes part in external events where they further its
strategy and objectives. In 2015, CTPA ran a technical workshop, a seminar on international regulations, a member event and
a celebratory event for its 70
Anniversary. The CTPA also exhibited and presented at two exhibitions during the year.
Members’ Debate & Luncheon
CTPA held its second annual Members’ Event on 23 June,
the ‘Changing Face of the Cosmetics Industry – 70 years’.
Held at BAFTA in London, it was attended by 140 members,
guests and staff. After a series of thought-provoking short
presentations, each ending with a challenging question to
the audience, a reception was followed by a working lunch
debating the many issues and ideas raised. Afterwards, each
table fed back to the room the key messages they had
developed and what, if they were in charge, CTPA should
do about them. Members had been asked to ‘take off their
company hats’ and consider the industry as a whole,
really thinking about the future of the cosmetics industry.
The feedback has provided a rich mixture of thoughts,
ideas and suggestions which will help CTPA maintain its
reputation as a thought-leader.
Members, Speakers and CTPA working on their collective thoughts and suggested actions.
John Chave,
Director-General, Cosmetics Europe
feeding back members’ comments.
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