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Fragrance Ingredients
Fragrance ingredients have been the focus of discussion in
the EU following the 2012 SCCS opinion on fragrance
allergens in cosmetic products. This opinion was based on
a systematic and critical review of the scientific literature
to identify fragrance allergens, including natural extracts,
relevant to consumers. In 2014, the European Commission
undertook a public consultation on a proposal to submit
additional fragrance ingredients to the obligation of
individual labelling and to prohibit three ingredients.
A report summarising the large number of responses to
the public consultation was published in 2015 and in the
conclusion the Commission indicated that it would now
analyse the responses and determine the next steps.
CTPA is following the issue closely.
Preservatives are ingredients designed to protect products,
and therefore the consumer, against contamination by
micro-organisms during storage and continued use.
Annex V to the Cosmetics Regulation controls the use of
preservatives in cosmetic products and only preservatives
listed on this Annex are permitted for use. There are 58
entries on Annex V and, of these, less than 20 are
considered to be frequently used. Nine of the frequently
used preservatives have been reviewed by the European
Commission in recent years.
If the palette of permitted preservatives shrinks further, there
are concerns that the potential for skin irritation and allergy
could increase through increased exposure to the smaller
number of approved preservatives. In addition to a shrinking
palette, there is also the challenge of adding new
preservatives to Annex V. At present, validated alternatives
are not available for all of the animal tests currently required
according to the SCCS Notes of Guidance to provide the
necessary data to support the addition of new preservatives to
Annex V. It must also be acknowledged that ‘free from’ and
‘does not contain’ claims have contributed to negativity and
consumer uncertainty towards safe and effective preservatives.
In response to these issues, a Cosmetics Europe Expert
Team Product Preservation (ETPP) continued its work on a
global strategy that will ensure all parties understand the
importance of product preservation and will support
adequate preservation of cosmetic products. ETPP works
with the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) in the US
and the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (EFfCI).
CTPA is a member of ETPP. In 2015, ETPP developed a
review programme to support Annex V preservatives for
consideration by the Cosmetics Europe Board. The project is
of key importance as it is hoped it can progress further and
successfully in 2016.
CTPA Annual Report
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