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Cosmetics Regulation
Cosmetics and personal care products are regulated by the
EU Cosmetics Regulation ((EC) No.1223/2009), an update
of the 1976 Cosmetics Directive. The Cosmetics Regulation
came fully into force in July 2013. It contained many new
elements and improvements to ensure consumer safety
and prevent any misleading claims or advertising.
CTPA in conjunction with other EU national associations
and the European cosmetics association, Cosmetics Europe,
have put in thousands of working hours with the European
Commission and national officials to facilitate a successful
implementation. In addition, we have run many educational
seminars to ensure our member companies have fully
understood the new and revised requirements and how
best to deal with them.
In 2014, CTPA ran its final seminar on the new Regulation’s
requirements and how it will work, and opened this event to
non-members and Trading Standards. It is our view that all
companies placing cosmetic products on the market can have
an impact on the industry’s reputation and it is in our interests
to help ensure they place only safe products on the market.
However, we also ran some more specialised members’
workshops on safety assessment and cosmetovigilance,
which are reported in Section 5 of this Annual Report.
Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP)
The 2013 Cosmetics Regulation introduced a European-wide
centralised notification system that would hold information
about every single cosmetic product on the European market.
Enforcement authorities and Poisons Centres in each EU
country may access the system directly to obtain the
information they need. The mammoth task of both designing
the system and populating it with data on millions of cosmetic
products was generally carried out very smoothly with much
help and guidance to its members from CTPA. A number of
technical improvements were made in 2014 including ‘bulk
upload’ and other user-friendly options.
As notifying data on the CPNP is an important part of
placing cosmetic products on the market legally, CTPA follows
developments closely and continues to provide expert help to
its members.
CTPA Annual Report
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