CTPA Annual Report 2014 - page 6

As we approach the 70
anniversary year of CTPA in
2015, it was right that we
should take stock and consider
what CTPA should be doing in
the future to meet its members’
needs and expectations. In July,
the CTPA Board and staff met
with over 100 representatives of
our member companies at the
Members’ Event in central London. Discussions were based
on four themes: safety; efficacy (of our products);
informed decision-making and contribution to society.
I was pleased at the degree of interaction and debate and
feedback from members was very positive. All of the many
comments, reflections and ideas will be used to help plan
and guide our Association’s goals, strategy and direction in
the years ahead.
Trust and reputation remain cornerstones of our work.
We continued in 2014 with a series of educational
seminars and workshops for our members covering safety
assessment, regulation of cosmetics, product claims and
cosmetovigilance. It is our view that proportional and
effective enforcement of regulations affecting cosmetic
products can only help maintain our industry’s reputation.
CTPA continues to build effective working relationships with
Trading Standards, the UK enforcement authorities for
regulations controlling our products, in particular by
speaking on the EU Cosmetics Regulation at a number of
their in-house events and inviting Trading Standards Officers
to our own seminars. Similarly, CTPA continues to speak
at certain third party seminars and trade events where
we are able to promote compliance with safety regulations
and good manufacturing practice or how to substantiate
advertising claims and make sure those claims are
not misleading.
Communications and issues management are also an
integral part of CTPA’s work. Ingredients used in our
products come under scrutiny on a regular basis.
To ensure proper reporting, we have continued our
strategy of providing accurate information and informed
comment to the media. Our media and consumer-facing
continues to evolve
and has been enhanced with its own YouTube channel to
reach a wider audience. This was implemented at the end
of the year and initial results are positive.
Cosmetics legislation emanates from the European Union
and the European cosmetics association, Cosmetics Europe,
has the prime responsibility for dealings with the European
institutions. 2014 has been a challenging year for
Cosmetics Europe with a newly elected European Parliament,
a new European Commission president and a reorganisation
of responsibilities between the Commission’s directorates.
CTPA has continued to play an active role at Cosmetics Europe
and will make every effort to ensure the necessary information
is made available to inform policy-making related to or
affecting cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery products.
In the UK, CTPA continues to attract new member companies,
which is a reflection of the great work CTPA does in providing
advice and keeping its members informed. With an
increasing interest in overseas cosmetics regulations,
our desire to support Cosmetics Europe in promoting the
EU model of cosmetics regulation around the world and
the increasing requirement to provide export advice to our
members, we have taken the decision to focus more of our
effort internationally and have recruited additional staff to
build our expertise in this area.
It is clear that CTPA has evolved, and continues to do so,
always focussing its efforts, expertise and resources on
those issues most pressing to the industry. With the
continued support and advice of the CTPA Board I feel
the CTPA is well-placed and well-resourced to face the
challenges of the future. I would like to thank Board
members for that support and individual company members
who, with the backing of their employers, devote considerable
time and effort in helping CTPA meet its aims in supporting
our vibrant and exciting industry. With the professional
team at the CTPA, I am confident that the Association
will continue to flourish.
Chairman’s Report
Dr Ged O’Shea on 2014
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