CTPA Annual Report 2014 - page 46

Who’s Who at CTPA
Commercial and Communications
Scientific and Technical
Regulatory and International
1. Debbie Hunter
Director of Commercial Affairs
Responsible for:
strategic communications; Board management;
membership relations and services
2. Julia Hewitt
Commercial Affairs Co-ordinator & Database Manager
Responsible for:
membership services; CTPA Newsletter; CTPA events; database;
office administration
3. Eleanor O’Connor
Communications Co-ordinator
Responsible for:
PA to the D-G; media monitoring; communications
Dr Chris Flower
Responsible for:
strategic direction; public voice of the Association;
external stakeholder engagement; international relations
1. Dr Emma Meredith
Director of Science
Responsible for:
strategic scientific & technical; hair products; sun products;
safety assessment; cosmetovigilance
2. Amanda Isom
Technical Affairs Manager
Responsible for:
technical enquiries; CMRs; CPNP; Product Information File;
nanotechnology; website controller
3. Dr Lauren Bailey
Scientific Affairs Manager
(née Sudlow)
Responsible for:
scientific enquiries; tracking ingredient issues; monitoring
research; sun products; endocrine distruptors; fragrances
1. Olivia Santoni
Head of Regulatory & International Services
Responsible for:
Strategic regulatory affairs & international regulations;
borderline & claims issues; chemicals, REACH & environmental issues
2. Erika Bonnegrace
Regulatory Information Officer
Responsible for:
regulatory & international enquiries; labelling & packaging;
tracking regulatory issues and updating online manuals
3. Ifra Siddiqui
Regulatory Assistant
Responsible for:
providing support to regulatory department;
regulatory enquiries; updating regulatory database and website
Joyce Traylen
Company Secretary
Responsible for:
company management; accounts; office systems;
membership accounts
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