CTPA Annual Report 2014 - page 25

“There are very few truly independent voices in the world of beauty, and while I know that
the CTPA is an industry advocate, I find it hugely helpful to have them to turn to for reasoned,
sensible comment that I know is based on solid, scientific evidence. Chris Flower and his
colleagues have been invaluable over the years, whether it’s explaining legislation, or the
controversy behind certain ingredients.”
Claire Coleman,
freelance journalist
Caring for future generations
Making every decade count
To safeguard the next chapter in this success story, our industry must continue to recognise its pivotal role in caring for the
world around us. In 1952 the first ever lipstick container recycling scheme was launched: today industry is setting ambitious
targets to reduce the water and packaging required in the manufacturing process by as much as 40%.
Many companies own a fully integrated supply chain, from development through manufacturing and retailing, so they
understand each part of the cycle and are able to oversee improvements at every stage. However, all manufacturers have
legal obligations to recover and recycle packaging; this obligation is shared amongst the packaging supply chain.
Green chemistry now also guides the development of many new products. It is a set of principles that encourages chemists
to use innovative techniques and ingredients that use less energy, less water and solvents, and require fewer process steps.
On behalf of its members, and for the benefit of tomorrow’s customers, CTPA continues to champion the industry’s commitment
to safe, sustainable methods and materials, sharing inspiring success stories on our public website,
Time and again our industry has proven its ability to flourish against even the most
challenging of contexts because modest hygiene and beauty purchases make such
a significant, positive difference to how people feel.
At face value, the fun, vibrant products that fill our bathroom cabinets make us look
and feel our best; but below the surface they play an even more valuable role.
They enhance individuals’ self-esteem, helping them to fulfill their personal potential; they support emerging science and
the growing talent base behind this; they champion a safe, sustainable world; and they make an ever-growing contribution
to the UK, EU and global economy.
At 70 years young, CTPA is delighted to celebrate an industry legacy of which we should all feel extremely proud as we
look ahead to a very bright future, together.
CTPA Annual Report
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