CTPA Annual Report 2014 - page 24

Beyond face value: seven decades of making a difference
Adding value to the economy, at home and abroad
In 2013, we extended our annual digital audits to encompass telephone interviews with key stakeholders and journalists too. It’s a
move that has helped to reveal shared concerns and open up opportunities to partner with like-minded, or simply open-minded,
third parties.
In 2015, for example, in partnership with the Society of Cosmetic Scientists, CTPA will host a free, educational event at the Royal
Society of Chemistry for health and beauty media and other interested stakeholders. As part of our annual audit, journalists
expressed an appetite for more support in understanding, and reporting on, the science behind our products. So more than a
decade since we launched our first ‘Science Behind’ media factsheets, our commitment to education continues apace.
Working hard to win consumers’ trust translates into a very significant economic contribution that benefits the wider UK
economy and far beyond. More than 170,000 direct industry employees and a further 1.3 million indirect ones, from right
across the EU, are employed to research, create and market the many products that fulfill consumers’ needs.
In the UK alone the professional beauty industry, which includes haircare, barbering, and beauty and nail services within salons
and spas, employs nearly a quarter of a million people in more than 55,000 different businesses. With a turnover of around
£6.2 billion per year, this discreet segment of our industry accounts for nearly 1% of the total UK economy.
Our wider UK industry is enjoying similar success. Our retail market for 2014 shows retail sales valued at £8.4 billion; showing
just a slight decline on the previous year despite many sectors not faring so well. In 2014, we maintained a positive balance
of trade with £3.3 billion of cosmetic products exported worldwide (trade value), the USA being our largest trading partner
outside of the EU for both imports and exports.
The economic impact of today’s ‘lipstick effect’ is a growing success story that CTPA is starting to chart, and champion,
more proactively than ever with a dedicated briefing programme for political stakeholders. It’s a very positive next step in our
communications journey and one that, thankfully, feels a far cry from the political lobbying focus of CTPA’s formative years.
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