CTPA Annual Report 2014 - page 23

CTPA’s hair colorant allergy factsheet for
Allergy UK was viewed nearly 17,000 times
on the Allergy UK website across February
and March 2015
The audits also reveal consumer confusion and apathy
about Allergy Alert Tests (AATs), highlighting a pressing
need for education, an opportunity CTPA has pursued
proactively ever since. In 2012 we brokered an editorial
partnership with Mumsnet to supply a series of educational
videos, taking helpful facts about AATs direct to millions of
mums. In 2014 we partnered with Allergy UK to visualise
how allergies work (and the importance of AATs) as part of
an eye-catching infographic, a resource that the National
Hairdressers Federation has distributed to its members.
In 2014, CTPA also carried out consumer focus group
sessions which enabled us to test our key messages and
positions and provided valuable insight into the way
people of various ages and backgrounds were receiving
them. This work informed our infographic on allergy and
has influenced the way we talk about safety as a priority.
Allergy UK has been pleased to work with
the CTPA over the last few years. It is very
important for us to be able to work with
organisations such as the CTPA as it not only
enables us to provide excellent advice to the
public via information materials such as the
infographic on allergy to hair dyes, but it
also gives us access to trusted sources of
information on products used in the
cosmetics industry.
Lindsey McManus,
Deputy CEO, Allergy UK
CTPA Annual Report
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