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Pro-active advice and support where it matters most
Countering media scares with robust and reassuring facts continues to be the backbone of CTPA’s communications and a
work-strand highly valued by members, according to feedback at our Members’ Event in July 2014. During 2014 we responded
to more than 100 media issues across a wide variety of topics. But to truly earn trust we take a more proactive approach
when it comes to certain topics.
Since the 1980s, when we set up specialist scientific sub-groups for talc, hair preparations, sunscreens and dentifrice products,
CTPA has recognised the need to monitor, understand and respond to its audiences’ concerns (or confusion) about particular
products, ingredients and issues.
Since 2007, we have commissioned annual digital audits, revealing the key issues that could impact trust in our industry.
Analysis of conversations across the open internet has revealed the impact of media scares, highlighted key opinion formers and
uncovered consumer concerns or confusion that might be bubbling below the surface. The insights are invaluable; from ensuring
we use words and phrases that work, to enabling us to provide practical advice our audience needs.
Hair colorants, for example, continue to be an area of special focus for CTPA because our digital audits reinforce that hair
colorant allergy poses a significant threat to trust. High-profile media stories of severe reactions can prompt concern about
the safety profile of products and risks creating cynicism about our industry’s safety practices.
Beyond face value: seven decades of making a difference
At the end of 2014, we introduced another consumer channel to our armoury: a branded YouTube channel
to host all of our existing video content in a user-friendly, accessible way. The channel will enable consumers,
journalists and stakeholders independently to access CTPA video content via search engines, whereas it was
previously embedded within
It provides us with a solid base from which to start creating new and relevant
video content.
I’m really pleased that there seems to be an increased
focus on educating the media because I strongly feel that
unless those who write about the industry have a solid
understanding of the issues, the public will continue to
be bombarded with misinformation. That’s why I like
thefactsabout site - it’s a really useful resource to flag to
readers as a one-stop shop for information that will help
them make informed choices about how they spend their
money on the products they use every day.
Claire Coleman,
freelance journalist
“The National Hairdressers’ Federation (NHF) works closely with CTPA, especially on issues
where in-depth product knowledge is helpful. An example is the work we’ve done together to
increase awareness for professional hairdressers on the importance of testing for possible
allergic reactions to hair colorants. The infographics the CTPA put together on this topic
helped to make the factual information more visually appealing.The ‘facts about’ part of
the CTPA website is invaluable, not only for consumers but for professionals too.”
Hilary Hall,
Chief Executive, NHF
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