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Pushing down boundaries to build up trust
For our customers to enjoy the emotional benefits of our growing array of products they must trust that they are safe to use,
whatever their personal circumstances. Without trust, our progress simply wouldn’t be possible, which is why our industry
works tirelessly to earn, and retain, it.
As far back as the 1950s, CTPA’s forerunner, the Toilet Preparations Federation Ltd (TPF), initiated an ambitious programme of
specifications and standards for cosmetic ingredients. Fast-forward to today and that same, stringent commitment to high
standards and safety sits behind the 2013 EU Cosmetics Regulation (1223/2009), which provides robust safety reassurance
to consumers.
But even the strictest legislation won’t win trust alone. Trust must be earned by our actions, which is why in 2004 CTPA
set about a communications sea change to win audiences’ hearts and minds. It was time to earn trust through transparency:
to transform CTPA into the ‘authoritative public voice of the industry’, lifting the lid on its safety practices.
Informative ‘science behind’ factsheets and a new open-door policy on media enquiries rapidly evolved and expanded to meet
growing journalist, stakeholder and consumer demand. In 2008 CTPA broke new ground for a trade body by launching a
public-facing website,
which helps visitors put media safety scares into perspective by offering
balancing, science-based facts from our industry and wider experts.
More popular today than ever, the pivotal role our public-facing website plays in building trust is demonstrated by the size and
shape of its traffic. Across the year its 90,000 visitors are concentrated in peaks that correspond directly to when scare stories hit
the media. The pattern demonstrates how
puts a positive road-block in the way of potential consumer concern,
and offers journalists a valuable, fact-based, balancing industry view-point.
Alongside the site, we continue to use Twitter @theCTPA as a channel to broadcast our messages whenever a media
issue hits. In particular, the channel has proved effective in responding to media broadcast news. Industry stakeholders
have boosted these efforts, propagating our messages through retweets. For example, our tweet advising against home-made
sunscreens in 2014 reached 10,000 people following retweets from the British Association of Dermatologists, British Skin
Foundation and National Hairdressers Federation, amongst others.
that is transparent and always evidence-based
advocates who can reinforce and reassure
approach that gives the industry a human face and respects others’ opinions
fast to admit and correct mistakes or to correct wrong information
CTPA Annual Report
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