CTPA Annual Report 2014 - page 20

Well before our industry had a public voice, it was silently
making a difference. The ‘lipstick effect’ of World War II not
only brought in much-needed foreign currency but boosted
morale amidst austerity. It provided irrefutable proof that
cosmetics and toiletries make an emotional as well as
economic contribution to the UK.
However, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that we started to
explore this impact in earnest. Heavyweight White Papers
commissioned by CTPA, helped to transform perceptions of
our industry by reinforcing the significant role self-esteem
plays in social mobility and the valuable contribution our
products can make across genders and generations.
The self-esteem White Papers were the start of a success story that would underpin our communications for the next
ten years - and counting. More recent research would reveal that three-quarters of women rate their appearance as
‘very important’ to their self-esteem, reinforcing the role we play in supporting healthy lifestyles and self-confidence,
every day. In fact, the average UK adult uses a bare minimum of five of our products as part of their daily regime.
The launch of our industry charity, Look Good, Feel Better (LGFB), in 1993 was a life-changing way to celebrate our contribution
to self-confidence. Thriving today with more than 26 countries running their own programme, LGFB’s specialist make-up
Workshops in hospitals and cancer centres support thousands of cancer patients through the appearance-related side-effects
of their illness and treatment.
Behind the bottles and tubes in our bathroom cabinets lies an innovative, science-led industry that plays a vital role in
public health, wellbeing and self-confidence and makes a significant, and growing, contribution to today’s economy
and to the future of the world around us.
From our export success story to our support for the sciences, our sustainability commitments to our
proven, positive impact on self-esteem, seven decades after it first found its public voice in the Association,
the UK cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery industry continues to create a legacy worth talking about.
As we stand at the threshold of CTPA’s eighth decade, anticipating our next adventure, we take a brief glance back
at how far we have all come and discover that beneath the surface of today’s success stories are deep-running roots,
many years in the making.
Beyond Face Value:
seven decades of making a difference
Now widely celebrated for enhancing
self-esteem, post World War II our products
were perceived as frivolous luxuries.
The Treasury classified them like jewellery,
watches and furs: a lofty position with a hefty
tax price tag. The Association spent its first ten
years battling against such a perception.
Feeling the benefit: a vital contribution to confidence
With some trepidation I went to a Look Good,
Feel Better workshop and I can’t tell you the
difference it made to my everyday life.
Kate Tijou,
LGFB Beneficiary
Susan Taylor, Chairman, LGFB, presents the CTPA team with a long-standing
supporters award for its work with Look Good Feel Better
From L to R - Amanda Isom, Sarahjane Robertson (LGFB), Ifra Siddiqui, Debbie Hunter,
Julia Hewitt, Susan Taylor (LGFB), Erika Bonnegrace, Eleanor O’Connor
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