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Self-esteem is important to all women, it just happens to be in sharper focus for those who have cancer. That’s the reason the
Look Good Feel Better Programme (LGFB)
exists, helping to combat the visible side-effects of cancer treatment in the UK for
over 20 years through free, confidence-boosting skincare and make-up
Finding out you have cancer can be daunting
and life-changing and the added stress of the
appearance-related side-effects of treatment
can be demoralising and very hard to cope
with. This can have serious consequences on
self-esteem and confidence at a time when
a positive attitude is very important.
Attending a LGFB Workshop or Masterclass
can help people regain a sense of control
and normality at a time when diagnosis
and treatment can make everything feel
overwhelming. Major research undertaken by LGFB, with 2000 beneficiaries throughout the UK in 2012/2013, highlighted that
of respondents
felt more confident
after attending a LGFB Workshop and this
remained at 96% three months later.
In the UK, Look Good Feel Better has provided support to more than
114,500 patients
since the first Workshop was held at
the Royal Free Hospital in
Over 50 leading companies and brands from the cosmetics industry, as well as many other
organisations, recognise the benefits of the service and donate products, time and people to help run the Programme at
80 hospitals
and cancer care centres plus other supportive partner locations across the UK.
During 2014,
the charity was able to run
1200 Workshops
150 Masterclasses
with the help of over 1,500 volunteer beauty
consultants providing over
women and teenagers with essential skincare and make-up techniques for minimising some
of the most feared side-effects such as skin changes, eyebrow and eyelash loss. The Workshops are full of fun, with participants
leaving in high spirits. For families and friends, seeing someone they love looking better and feeling more confident can help
them to maintain the kind of positive support that is so vital.
Look Good Feel Better is the only worldwide cancer support charity to provide practical support for women, as well as
teenagers and men in some countries, greatly increasing confidence and self-esteem at a very difficult time in people’s
lives. The LGFB service is available in 26 countries worldwide and over 1.6 million people have been supported to date.
Cancer can rob a woman of her energy and strength but with the support of Look Good Feel Better it need not take
away her self-confidence.
For more information visit
to see how you or your company could help LGFB today!
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A new UK advertising campaign was created pro-bono by some of the industry’s top creatives during 2014 and
appeared on donated space in shopping centres, billboards, magazines and newspapers helping to raise the visibility of the Programme.
“I want people to see me as Suzanne, not cancer. I’m not cancer, I want to go out into the street
and blend in. Make-up is my warpaint, it sets me up for the day and allows me to be Suzanne.”
Patient Beneficiary
The Importance of Self-Esteem
CTPA Annual Report
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