CTPA Annual Report 2014 - page 18

Cosmetics Basics
CTPA’s Affairs Managers ran five workshops for its members including manufacturers, brand owners and retailers.
Attendance at each workshop is limited to small numbers of people so that information about CTPA and how the
Cosmetics Regulation works can be presented in a more personal and informal way.
Cosmetics Regulation Overview for Trading Standards Officers
In 2014, CTPA Affairs Managers began a programme of training sessions for Trading Standards Officers (TSOs).
Three sessions were held with over 100 TSOs taking part. Together with the attendance of TSOs at CTPA events
during the year, good relationships have been built together with a greater understanding of some of the likely
difficulties facing companies.
Claims Seminar
A great deal of scientific research and development goes into producing new ingredients and the products that contain them.
Companies obviously wish to promote their products in the most effective way. At the same time, there are regulations and
codes of practice to make sure products do what they say and that consumers are not misled. At the CTPA Claims Seminar
on 14 October, industry and advertising authority experts shared their knowledge on the latest developments on claims
substantiation, borderline issues and the practical difficulties of claims support.
CTPA Events
From l-r
Amanda Isom
Technical Affairs Manager
Dr Lauren Sudlow
Scientific Affairs Manager
Olivia Santoni
Head of Regulatory & International Service
Erika Bonnegrace
Regulatory Information Officer
General view of room – Dr Chris Flower speaking
Dr Chris Jones (Manager Medical Borderline
Section, MHRA), Dr Chris Gummer (Consultant,
Clearcast), Dr Chris Flower (Director-General,
CTPA), Olivia Santoni (now Head of Regulatory
& International Services, CTPA), Pauline Ayres
(Technical & Regulatory Manager, Azelis UK Life
Sciences), Joyce Ryan (Consultant, Joyce Ryan
Consultancy), Paul Crawford (former Head of
Regulatory & Environmental Services, CTPA),
Dr Jack Ferguson (Director, Skinnovation)
“I thought the seminar on claims
was absolutely brilliant, such a
brilliant range of experts and
excellent presentations! I look
forward to more of these –
although I don’t know how
you plan to top this.”
“I found the CTPA Seminar
on 7-8 May to be very
informative and feel I am
now fully up-to-date with
the EU Cosmetics Regulation”
“Congratulations on
a great seminar on
7 November”
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