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Technical Workshops & Seminars
Safety Assessment
The safety of cosmetic and personal care products underpins consumer confidence and is a primary focus of cosmetics
regulation. This members-only workshop, held on 18 March, focused on the safety assessment and written safety report,
the accompanying guidelines issued by the European Commission and add a practical elements of how a qualified assessor
should make a safety assessment.
Cosmetics Regulation
This latest seminar on the new Cosmetics Regulation, held on 7-8 May, was open to members, non-members and the UK
enforcement authorities with the intention of promoting good practice and compliance amongst all actors in our industry.
Whilst CTPA staff covered the technical issues, we were pleased to have Richard Knight, Specialist Trading Standards Officer
and Lead Officer for cosmetics, presenting on enforcement in the UK, whilst Dr Gerald Renner, Director Technical Regulatory
Affairs Cosmetics Europe, gave delegates a European overview and a personal view of what may happen in the future.
Cosmetovigilence and Reporting of Serious Undesirable Effects
On 7 November, CTPA held a one-day interactive seminar on
cosmetovigilance and reporting of Serious Undesirable Effects (SUEs).
While the event was aimed at CTPA members, it was open to Trading
Standards Officers and members of affiliated organisations.
The seminar provided a recap on the management of Undesirable
Effects (UEs) and the changes from the Cosmetics Directive to
Regulation, how to report SUEs, the causality assessment and how to
manage consumer complaints. In addition, there were opportunities
to discuss and review case studies which sparked many lively debates.
Cosmetics Regulation (above)
Corné van der Schyff (Senior Regulatory
Officer, Pfizer Healthcare), Dr Emma Meredith
(Director of Science, CTPA), Tony Eden-Brown
(Materials, Chemicals & Product Regulations, BIS)
Shona Bear (former Technical Manager, Beauty,
Marks & Spencer), Helen Hill (Technical &
Regulatory Manager, Azelis UK Life Sciences),
Joyce Ryan (Consultant, Joyce Ryan Consultancy),
Pauline Ayres (Technical & Regulatory Manager,
Azelis UK Life Sciences)
Richard Knight (Specialist Trading Standards
Officer, Essex Trading Standards), Amanda Isom
(Technical Affairs Manager, CTPA), Olivia Santoni
(now Head of Regulatory & International Services,
CTPA), Dr Chris Flower (Director-General, CTPA)
SUEs Seminar (Left)
Beverly Harris, Manager, EU Customer Care
Centre, Estée Lauder Companies), Sue Wemyss
(Regulatory Affairs Regional Director,
Estée Lauder Companies), Richard Knight
(Specialist Trading Standards Officer, Essex
Trading Standards), Stephen Kirk (Safety Advisor,
Walgreens Boots Alliance), Liz Colson, (Head of
Product Legislation Compliance Group, McBride),
Amanda Isom (Technical Affairs Manager, CTPA)
Round-table discussions
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