CTPA Annual Report 2014 - page 15

Following the entry into force of the new EU Cosmetics
Regulation, the CTPA members-only online Packaging
Manual was fully updated to reflect the new requirements.
The Packaging Manual is particularly useful for finding
information about the labelling of cosmetic products
including weights and measures, aerosols, sun products
and environmental labelling. It also covers other matters
of interest to cosmetics such as packaging waste,
transport of dangerous goods, advertising, price marking,
promotional offers and overseas legislation. As an online
resource, it has the advantage of being accessible 24/7 to
company staff from all over the world.
The manual provides useful background information as
well as giving members practical advice by referring them
to industry best practice. It is relevant for regulatory staff
as well as any employee looking to find further information
on any specific topic. Illustrations and easy-to-use
navigational aids make it user-friendly.
The Packaging Manual is only available to members and
there is an additional annual subscription fee.
CTPA recognises that it cannot satisfactorily
address all of the regulatory and technical
issues that affect our sector without the
advice and input from our members.
We would like to thank all our member
companies for their input and for releasing
their staff to take part in the work of CTPA
committees, our seminars and workshops,
and those committees run by Cosmetics
Europe in Brussels. Together we are stronger
as we work to ensure the right conditions
for our industry to flourish.
Packaging Manual
CTPA Annual Report
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