CTPA Annual Report 2014 - page 12

Review of the Year
Preservatives, essential for keeping products safe by
preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi naturally present
in the environment, were the focus of much regulatory and
media attention in 2014. They are a key class of ingredients,
which is why the European and US cosmetic associations,
Cosmetics Europe and the Personal Care Products Council
(PCPC) respectively, in collaboration with the European
Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (EFfCI), have been working
on a global strategy to ensure consumers and regulators alike
understand the importance of product preservation and to
provide companies with the tools to defend the continued
use of preservatives. Annex V, the list of allowed preservatives
in the EU Cosmetics Regulation, has 58 entries. Of these
58 entries, less than 20 are considered to be frequently used.
In recent years, substances in 19 of the entries have been
reviewed by the European Commission. Nine of these were
entries containing substances which are considered to be
frequently used.
There is concern that, with a shrinking palate of preservatives
and the difficulties in adding new preservatives to Annex V of
the Cosmetics Regulation, there will be an increase in exposure
to those still available, which may lead to an increase in
sensitisation amongst consumers. This may lead to further
ingredient review and the possible loss of yet more
preservatives. It is, therefore, increasingly important that our
existing preservatives be defended if subjected to review and
awareness of the overall situation be raised with the
authorities. During 2014 a new group, Expert Team Product
Preservation, was established at Cosmetics Europe with the
intention of developing a strategy to support adequate
preservation of cosmetic products.
On the positive side, a mixture of citric acid and silver citrate
has been approved as a preservative, a rare addition to the list
of allowed preservatives contained in the Cosmetics Regulation.
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