CTPA Annual Report 2012 - page 8

New EU Cosmetics Regulation
Cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery products (cosmetics) are subject to specific national safety laws, based on the European
Union’s Cosmetics Directive, that ensure only safe, high quality cosmetic products are made and sold. This safety legislation
has been the bedrock of our industry’s reputation, ensuring that consumers can be confident in the cosmetic products they
use every day. Always kept up-to-date with regular amendments, the Cosmetics Directive is now being superseded by the
EU Cosmetics Regulation and the phased introduction of the new Regulation will be complete on 11 July 2013.
The EU Regulation covers every EU country and the other members of the European Economic Area: Iceland, Norway
and Liechtenstein.
National cosmetics regulations are also superseded by the new EU Cosmetics Regulation although national laws will still be
required to give powers of enforcement to the relevant authorities. By having an EU-wide regulation, it will be much easier
to trade across national borders as companies will no longer have to worry about differences in local cosmetics regulations.
At the same time, some of the safety assessment requirements have been amended to cater for the latest technological
developments in cosmetic products and in-market controls have been improved. CTPA has always believed that effective
and efficient in-market controls contribute to the high level of consumer confidence in our products.
With the 2013 deadline approaching, 2012 was the year in which cosmetics manufacturers and importers really began
putting into practice their plans to embed the Regulation’s requirements into their companies’ systems and procedures.
Cosmetics Europe, the Personal Care Association, has been working with the European Commission to produce guidance
to the Cosmetics Regulation and CTPA has taken an active role in each of the working groups that have helped develop
that guidance.
Several industry guidelines have been developed and are available on the CTPA’s members’ only website via the Reference Zone.
However, attention to guidance continues as we still await publication of Commission guidelines on the Cosmetic Product Safety
Report in the new Annex I of the Regulation, the reporting of Serious Undesirable Effects (SUEs) and the Common Criteria on
Claims. It was eventually decided that this latter document will now be published as a European Commission Regulation in the
summer of 2013. As members of the Cosmetics Europe working groups, the CTPA staff are well-placed to offer up-to-date advice
on these key issues and to keep members informed of developments.
Review of the Year
One success was the European Commission’s on-line Cosmetic
Product Notification Portal (CPNP) going live on 11 January.
This single-point notification system takes the place of
individual product notifications to the authorities of those
countries where a product is sold. Companies need to ensure
that new and existing products on the market on 11 July 2013
have been notified using the new electronic CPNP system.
National Poisons Centres will also have direct access to the
system at all times, able to view the details of any of tens of
thousands of cosmetic products being sold in the EU.
In March, CTPA ran a two-day conference on the new
Regulation, attended by more than 150 of its members.
Competent authorities and invited distributors also joined
the event. Each element of the Regulation was discussed and
interactive sessions were held on the European Commission’s
new CPNP, reporting of Serious Undesirable Effects and the
cosmetic product safety assessment.
In November, CTPA organised a further workshop dedicated
to the new notification system to familiarise its members
with the portal. Demonstrations were given and problems
discussed. CTPA has written additional guidance to the CPNP
to elaborate on aspects of the system where people were
having difficulty.
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