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CTPA Annual Report
Executive Summary
View from Dr Chris Flower, CTPA Director-General
For 2012, the Board of CTPA amended
the mission of the Association to add
the element of trust. We now strive
to be the ‘authoritative public voice of
a vibrant and responsible UK industry
trusted to act responsibly for the
consumer’. This is a significant change
and the Association’s work plan for
2012 was directed towards building and enhancing trust in
both the Association and the industry it represents in the eyes
of all stakeholders. The reason for this change rests in the
complex interplay between the degree to which an industry
sector is trusted, the level of regulatory intervention it receives
and the freedom it enjoys to exercise its licence to operate.
Building on existing trust was achieved by reinforcing
those behaviours which are now embedded in the way
your Association works for you and extending our reach
towards new contacts.
For example, 2011 saw the emergence of the issue of
body confidence about which I spoke in the 2011 Annual
Report. During 2012, the Association became engaged
with the Government in the debate on this issue alongside
organisations representing both advertisers and the
advertising industry. We took the opportunity to promote
the European Charter and Guiding Principles on Responsible
Advertising to Government, to the Advertising Standards
Authority and Clearcast, and to members. This has been
seen as a very positive sign that the cosmetics industry is
committed to alter the perception that exists in some minds
regarding the accuracy and responsibility of our sector in its
advertising and is willing to be held to account according to
clearly stated principles and practices.
Of course, ours is a global industry and in today’s world of
instant communication via the internet and, increasingly,
social media, trust in it is both precious and tenuous.
It is therefore vital that the national associations representing
cosmetics companies across the world are communicating
effectively with one another on key issues affecting our sector
and the trust consumers, regulators and others have in us.
Collaboration between the European associations through
Cosmetics Europe is well-established, with routine meetings
and a system for the development and circulation of
positions and statements. Increasingly, this has been
expanded to involve websites aimed at communicating
directly with the consumers themselves along the lines of
our own consumer site. However, the issues extend beyond
the borders of Europe these days.
Building on CTPA’s established record for pro-active
communications work, I have been collaborating with
our sister associations in Australia, Canada, South Africa,
New Zealand and the USA as well as Cosmetics Europe
to build an active network to enable us to develop and
co-ordinate our communications messages across a much
wider audience. This has led to these associations now
adding a regular international communications meeting
to their existing annual technical and regulatory meetings,
building mutual trust between our associations and the
companies we represent collectively. I very much see this
as the inevitable next step on the journey CTPA embarked
upon back in 2003 with the commencement of our
communications programme.
Dr Ged O’Shea
CTPA Vice-chairman
CTPA Vice-chairman
John Harold
Honorary Treasurer
Executive comment
Clear and consistent messages regarding the
benefits brought to each person in the global
consumer population by safe, effective and
high quality cosmetics will be key to building
trust in our industry sector and securing its
licence to operate. Consistency requires
international collaboration between companies
and those who represent them. Once again,
CTPA has demonstrated leadership by acting
as the catalyst for this important development
in today’s society of instant communication.
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