CTPA Annual Report 2012 - page 6

Chairman’s Report
Lady Jay (Sylvia) CBE on 2012
As we strive not just to maintain but also to develop our
position as the authoritative, responsible and trusted voice
of the cosmetics industry, we must be aware of opinion and
debate in all media channels. At the same time we have
updated our consumer polling to see what concerns our
consumers and how they view our industry. Even in times
of recession, our products continue to play an important part
in maintaining high self-esteem and a positive outlook on life.
The main CTPA website had a makeover last year to give a
cleaner, modern look. Our consumer and media-facing
continued to add new
content relevant to the issues of the day related to our
products. CTPA staff continued to engage with the media,
particularly about the safety of our products, and took part
in external events which contributed to maintaining our
vision of a responsible and ethical cosmetics industry.
Advertising will always play an important part in the very
competitive cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery marketplace.
Competition, good quality science and robust regulation
has produced a dynamic market in Europe with high quality,
new and innovative products available at all price points.
Advertising is used to promote one product over another;
but advertising in general still has its critics and a vigorous
debate about its effects continues. CTPA is fully involved in
those issues which affect our products and we have been
directly involved with the Minister’s Expert Group on Body
Image (originally set up by Lynne Featherstone MP but taken
over by Jo Swinson MP, current Minister for Equalities). It is a
sign of our own increasing confidence that our views will be
taken seriously that, early in the year, we published a paper
titled, ‘CTPA, Body Image and Self-Esteem’ to inform the
debate. This included, amongst others, contributions from
Lynne Featherstone MP, the Chief Executive of the Advertising
Standards Authority, Guy Parker, and Jo Swinson MP,
then Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image.
Underpinning the safety of our products is the
EU Cosmetics Directive, soon to be superseded by the
new EU Cosmetics Regulation. In addition to seminars
for its members on the updated requirements, CTPA has
been actively involved in the working groups on the new
Regulation run by Cosmetics Europe, the European personal
care association. Working closely with our European colleagues
enables CTPA to provide sound advice to its own members
on a range of issues that are important to us. In its 50th year,
Cosmetics Europe has built up a good working relationship
with the European Commission and a credible reputation with
the European Parliament. This year, Cosmetics Europe chose
to highlight the sustainability of the cosmetics industry at its
General Assembly and at an event at the European Parliament.
It also launched its Charter and Guiding Principles on
Self-Regulation in Advertising and held a lunch debate at the
European Parliament on ‘Beauty in Advertising: a Responsible
Approach’. This fits well with the work we have been doing in
the UK and we have happily promoted the Charter and
Guiding Principles to the UK advertising authorities with
whom we have a good working relationship.
From 11 March 2013, cosmetic products may not be marketed
in the EU if they or their ingredients have been tested on
animals in order to comply with the EU Cosmetic Products
Regulation. This marketing ban applies to all products whether
made in the EU or imported and is in addition to the testing
bans already in place. The cosmetics industry has invested
heavily in research into alternatives to animal testing with
some success. However, alternatives for long-term chronic
effects are still some years away. We now know that, although
the European Commission was legally required to evaluate
progress before the ban takes effect, there was no change to
the implementation date.
I want to thank all of the CTPA’s member companies who
provide help and support to our Association. CTPA exists
to serve its members’ interests and the active engagement
of company staff helps the CTPA and its Board of Directors
to set the strategy for the years ahead to enhance our
industry’s reputation and protect our licence to operate.
As I will retire from the CTPA Board in 2013, I want to thank
the other Board members for the help and support they have
given me over the last two years in my role as Chairman.
I am sure that you and your new Chairman will do everything
necessary to guide the CTPA in its work in support of the
cosmetics industry and build on its past success.
I am happy to report on another busy and successful year for
the CTPA in 2012. Our external communications programme
continues to evolve and remain relevant and I am pleased to
see an increased focus on digital media.
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