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CTPA Annual Report
CTPA Membership
Experts on Call
Wybo Haas (UK) Limited, +44 (0)1483 890091
| Printed by
Cedar Group, +44 (0) 1794 525020,
• All sized companies ranging from small to
medium, large and multi-national companies
supplying the UK market
• Members include manufacturers, distributors,
ingredient suppliers, contract laboratories,
contract manufacturers, retailers of own brand
• Representing around 80% by value of the
£8,264 million UK market supply
“ Experienced, knowledgeable and highly
professional. The CTPA team are one of
my strongest supports in my field of
technical and regulatory work ”
CTPA member
Head of Technical & Regulatory Compliance
Representing Members Worldwide
Working with Members
Key objectives
• Members’-only intranet providing a customised
dashboard to go straight to the news you want
to see with Issue Tracking to alert you to news
as it is posted. Everyone in your company can
access this tool wherever they are in the world
• Cosmetics Basics – free members’ workshops
to help maximise your membership and meet
CTPA staff
• Topic-specific seminars and committee meetings
attended by member experts helping CTPA and
members stay at the forefront of issue solving
• CTPA presentations at your company and at
external meetings
• Work with all key stakeholders to provide
creative, pragmatic solutions to new issues
• Individual confidential advice provided to
members by experienced regulatory, scientific
and technical staff on anything from ingredient
issues to best practice manufacturing guidance
• Intercept media issues with fast, robust rebuttal
• Positive pro-active communications to build
confidence and trust in the industry’s safe,
effective products
• Promote the CTPA’s consumer website,
as the research
resource for journalists, consumers,
stakeholders and members
• Be seen as the leading trade association,
offering value for money to members
and setting the bar high
“ To be the authoritative public voice of a vibrant and responsible
UK industry trusted to act responsibly for the consumer.”
mission statement
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