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LGFB Research conducted with 2000 LGFB Beneficiaries attending workshops throughout the UK in 2012-2013
CTPA Annual Report
Building on our success
Our core service – the provision of free workshops –
continues to grow and demand is high. Just in the past year
we’ve launched at three new hospitals and have reached
over 95,000 people since our inception. Thousands of people
have also benefited from our Confidence Kit – a DVD and
booklet that women can use at home. We’re extending this
on our new website where we’re providing film clips of our
12-step programme.
This year we are developing some innovative pilot projects,
such as trialling new workshop formats in different locations.
We are working with partners, such as Macmillan Cancer
Support, and we’d love to hear from other organisations
with possible partnership ideas. We will use digital channels
to extend our reach, such as a new website, Patient Forums
on Facebook and trialling our ‘webinar’ online teaching format.
Increasing awareness
Last year we recruited our ‘LGFB Ambassadors’ - senior
individuals from our member companies who are increasing
awareness amongst their colleagues. In particular we thank
them for their commitment in driving ‘Feel Better Week’
culminating in ‘Feel Better Friday’ in May. This is now in its
second year and is gathering momentum. It consists of a
huge variety of fundraising and profile building activities.
We hope to see many more people wearing
our distinctive lipstick ‘kiss’ badge to show
their support.
A lasting impact
Three months on from her workshop, Cathy uses the skincare
and make-up tips and still feels a boost to her confidence
which helps her face the world on a bad day. She keeps in
touch with two of the women she met at the workshop
and their support has been invaluable in coping with her
treatment. Cathy explains “I know make-up can’t provide
a cure for cancer but no-one should underestimate the
importance of feeling positive and I can’t stress enough the
difference it made to me. I’d like to thank all those involved”.
For more information visit
or email
The impact of Look Good Feel Better
To help achieve our goal we recently carried out research
to better understand why and how we have the impact we do.
This confirms much of what we’ve long known about the lasting and significant positive effect we have on the women we help.
How you can support LGFB
• Find out what your own company does to
support LGFB. Maybe you could become
one of our Company Ambassadors
• Fundraise. Many of our supporters raise
money through the year and particularly
during Feel Better Week in May
• Join our community. The success of our new
website and social media platforms depend
on people spreading the word
LGFB gives women control: Offering
them something to look forward to
and enabling them to look and feel
more like their ‘normal’ selves.
LGFB boosts confidence & self-esteem:
Studies have shown that a positive
outlook is hugely beneficial - helping
patients to cope and continue with
their treatment.
LGFB creates a support network: It is
crucial for women to spend time with
others who understand what they are
going through. Our workshops are
supportive, informative and fun.
• Before a workshop only 10% of people feel confident in their appearance. Afterwards, this rises to 87%
• 96% of people said wearing make-up makes them feel more confident
• The effects are enduring – 3 months after attending a workshop, 96% still said they felt more confident
• 98% said it was good to meet other women undergoing treatment
LGFB will use these insights to build on our core workshop programme and also expand our reach through innovative new routes.
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