CTPA Annual Report 2012 - page 23

CTPA Annual Report
Professor Mark Birch-Machin,
Professor of Molecular
Dermatology, Newcastle
Biomedicine, used a ‘Tower of
Damage’ example to set out the
importance of sunscreens in
supporting the ageing process.
He explained how sun damage builds up in layers
within the skin’s DNA so that even if our skin does
not show visible signs of sun exposure, the exposure
it has had is logged, leading to premature ageing
from this sustained damage.
Journalists who attended the event were also invited
to experience first-hand some of the cutting-edge
technologies used by our industry to develop products
that address the ageing process, in particular by
enhancing our understanding of the skin. Intrepid
volunteers from Stylist magazine, Mumsnet,
the Daily Mail and Daily Express, amongst others,
had their crow’s feet measured, their complexion
analysed and their hair health assessed and all still
expressed strong interest in when CTPA would be
holding its next Media Panel event!
The debate about self-esteem and body confidence
is wide-ranging and far reaching from the pursuit
of the ‘right weight’, to the idealised beauty of
magazines, to the role of celebrity and fashion in
the creation of the image of perfection. Our industry
already enjoys proven expertise in this debate, as our
Media Panel and research projects have demonstrated,
so it is vital that we continue to participate actively in
this conversation and understand where we can play
an even more positive role.
of female respondents and
of men described cosmetics and
toiletries as important to them
for building their self-esteem.
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