CTPA Annual Report 2012 - page 21

“Rapidly-evolving digital channels provide brands with
the opportunity to reach more people, more easily,
more often. But it’s not one-way: everyone can now
have their say and, as a result, more conversations -
good and bad - are taking place about a huge range
of companies. This means trust is more fragile than
ever but the right kind of engagement can inform
sceptics and inspire supporters to become advocates.
The CTPA has demonstrated real awareness of the
changing communications landscape, and has moved
faster than many major companies and brands to use
digital channels in a way that builds trust. Its use of
Twitter to provide balanced facts about the safety of
cosmetics and toiletries is simple and effective, and
its engagement with forums such as Mumsnet allows
it to communicate clearly and transparently with key
audiences in the places where they gather.”
Craig Elder,
Head of Digital, Blue Rubicon
“We always want ‘how-to’ guides because our
members like them – style guides in particular are
popular and video is perfect because it’s easy to
follow. We can’t have something ‘preachy’ because
members need to be able to trust what they’re
watching – independence is paramount to
Mumsnet – so any safety messages you want to get
out have to be in the context of delivering something
that members actually want. Plus getting people
to stop what they are doing and watch or listen to
new messages can be helped by incentives such as
competitions, or by asking people their opinion
rather than telling them something.”
Carrie Longton,
Co-Founder, Mumsnet
CTPA Annual Report
Our digital communications strategy
remains a constantly moving feast,
reflective of the landscape around us.
To stand still would risk being left
behind, or impact the hard-earned
trust of our audiences.
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