CTPA Annual Report 2012 - page 20

‘How-To’ videos with Mark Coray, celebrity hairdresser and President of the NHF
Putting insights into practice:
the Colour With Confidence campaign
We had learned that there was misunderstanding and
apathy about Allergy Alert Tests (AATs), that the debate
was happening behind closed doors and that when it
comes to hair, our target of 16+ female consumers are
most interested in their own haircare wants and needs.
Our approach was therefore to cut through consumer
apathy surrounding AATs by:
• reinforcing how allergies work;
• incorporating information about AATs into
consumer-friendly, holistic advice about hair
colouring/styling, navigating away from
negative stories with fun, positive content that
stylists and consumers wanted to share; and
• using a seasonal hook to make the subject of
allergy newsworthy.
To do this we used the Christmas party season as a
launch-pad to educate consumers by commissioning
polling to reveal the number of women who would colour
their hair ahead of the festive period but would not perform
an AAT. We included tips from top hairdressers containing
Colour With Confidence messaging, created bespoke
‘How-To’ videos with Mark Coray, celebrity hairdresser
and President of the NHF, and provided key stakeholders
with template content for Twitter.
We secured an editorial partnership with Mumsnet, which
our audit had identified as a priority target for our message,
owing to the high level of relevant conversation. The site
hosted two of our Colour With Confidence videos,
while a further editorial video placement was secured on
Cosmopolitan magazine online, helping to reach a younger
audience of hair colorant users.
Using Twitter as a tool for trust
The 2012 Communications Audit identified an opportunity
for CTPA to extend and enhance its activity on Twitter as part
of its wider ambition to build trust, credibility and visibility for
our consumer site. The audit noted the growing importance
of Twitter as a communications channel among key
stakeholders. For example, journalists use it to amplify
awareness of stories, stakeholders use it to rally audience
support, and all parties use it to share opinions and showcase
expertise. It also provides journalists with another way to
engage with the Association and allows CTPA to provide
rapid responses and rebuttals around key issues, driving traffic
in a closely targeted way.
While CTPA’s activity on the micro-blogging platform has
increased year-on-year, the audit suggested that CTPA could
derive even more value from it by identifying key health
and beauty influencers and engaging them in a dialogue
around priority issues that could impact trust. In addition to
the Colour with Confidence activity, it was agreed that the
CTPA should become more active on Twitter in 2013 to build
and enhance important relationships, address questions and
misperceptions in a timely manner – and capitalise on key
calendar moments to promote the positive benefits of the
industry and its products.
Adapting our approach, building our expertise
Against the context of the changing media landscape,
CTPA has continued to extend and adapt its approach to
digital communications each year, again supported by insights
from our audits. Over the course of 2012, for example,
we doubled our video output in direct response to feedback
from media that their audiences find video a digestible and
shareable way to consume content, especially where the
subject matter is scientific or technical. Short videos proved
the perfect vehicle for our Colour With Confidence
campaign, where the message needed to be both
educational and entertaining.
CTPA has also extended its expertise to key bloggers over
the last year, mindful of the trust they enjoy from their
often modestly-sized, but fervently loyal, followings.
Although the factual content remains unaltered, this audience
requires a slightly different approach if that content is to be
seen as compelling.
Our digital communications strategy remains a constantly
moving feast, reflective of the landscape around us. To stand
still would risk being left behind, or impact the hard-earned
trust of our audiences. Over the course of the coming year
we are committed to constantly reviewing our approach,
the way the consumer site is set-up and to continue to evolve
it with the times. This on-going evolution will be integral
to safeguarding, and pro-actively building, trust in the
Association, our industry and its products.
Digital (R)evolution
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