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CTPA Annual Report
Listen, learn and evolve
Since the launch of
in 2008,
digital communications have been a central, and growing,
element of our workplan. The foundation-stone of this
work is a dedicated digital listening strand. Each year we
undertake a comprehensive digital audit to enable us to
understand the key issues that could impact our audiences’
trust in the industry, now or in the future, and identify
the barriers and opportunities for building greater trust.
These audits also include telephone interviews with
key stakeholders.
Every year, without fail, this exercise in listening to how
our audiences talk about key industry issues creates valuable
insights that shape our workplan, and the 2012 audit
was no exception. An analysis of debate around PPD
(paraphenylenediamine) and hair colorant allergy revealed
that while background discussion online was minimal,
mainstream media coverage of hair colorant reactions
would lead to significant spikes in conversation as worried
consumers shared their own experiences and concerns.
A more in-depth look revealed that the debate had two
important characteristics from our industry’s perspective.
• Firstly, it was clear that there was significant
misunderstanding of how allergy works: in particular
that allergies can develop over time. This fuelled negative
discussion about the safety profile of PPD in particular,
and generated the myth that you only need to carry out
an Allergy Alert Test the first time you colour your hair.
• Secondly, it was evident that conversation tends to
‘snowball’ through social channels. It starts out with reader
comments on national news websites then makes its way
into wider social media via social sharing of the news
articles and finally rolls into discussion threads on Facebook,
Twitter and highly trafficked forums such as Mumsnet.
The findings pointed to the continued importance of CTPA
providing balancing facts and quotes for mainstream media
articles about PPD and hair colorant allergy.
However, they also revealed an opportunity for the industry
to educate consumers and journalists about how allergies
work and the importance of carrying out an Allergy Alert
Test each time you colour your hair. In response,
a collaborative education campaign was conceived and
launched in partnership with the National Hairdressers
Federation (NHF): Colour With Confidence.
“Social Sharing And Influence – Understanding Social
Influence Online”, Future Foundation
Expert opinion
Expert opinions and recommendations are
highly valued online. One in three consumers
say they are now more influenced by experts
online, while a third say they are less influenced
by their generic social networking contacts.
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