CTPA Annual Report 2012 - page 16

CTPA held a seminar on the EU Cosmetics Regulation
in March attended by 180 delegates, of which 162
representatives were from 89 companies comprising
industry, retailers and other associations.
CTPA provided delegates with its interpretation of key areas
of the new legislation, the latest information available from
the European Commission’s working groups and guidance
from Cosmetics Europe. As well as presenting on roles and
responsibilities, the Product Information File (PIF) and claims,
there was practical advice and demonstrations of the new
electronic Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP)
followed by discussions on the implications of the new
Cosmetic Product Safety Report and the associated
Commission guidelines.
In the first presentation, Dr Emma Meredith, Head of Scientific
& Technical Services, CTPA, outlined the new layout of the
Regulation, changes to the articles and the re-numbering
of the annexes. Emma covered all significant changes in the
new Cosmetics Regulation unless they were due to be
covered later in the seminar. For example, the new section on
definitions is a very welcome addition and allows the articles
of the Regulation to be interpreted correctly.
Dr Emma Meredith
Olivia Santoni
Olivia Santoni, Regulatory Affairs Manager, CTPA, discussed
the roles and responsibilities of companies and the duties
of the Responsible Person (RP). There may only be one RP,
usually the legal entity that places the product on the market
or imports the product into the EU; it is not necessarily the
company that actually manufactures the product.
The Cosmetics Regulation introduces the possibility of
nominating someone else to be Responsible Person but that
company or individual needs to be very sure they can meet all
of the obligations including being responsible for the safety of
the product, any failures and, in the worst case, recalling the
product from the market. Distributors also have some specific
obligations such as keeping records of supply and not
providing products past their ‘Best Before’ date.
Dr Marie Kennedy
Amanda Isom
Dr Chris Flower
Dr Marie Kennedy, Manager International Compliance,
Elizabeth Arden, presented on the what, when, who and
how aspects of the new notification requirements for RPs
and distributors. Marie was then joined by Amanda Isom,
Technical Affairs Manager, CTPA, who spoke about the
issues that companies may be facing getting started with
the electronic notification web-based portal and, in particular,
a note of caution on who is authorised to enter information
on behalf of your company. This information is visible to
anyone who looks at the website and is, in effect, public
knowledge. Marie and Amanda accessed an Association
training copy of the notification system in order to
demonstrate how to notify various product types.
A networking drinks reception and dinner was held at the
Royal College of Physicians and gave delegates the chance
to discuss the day’s events.
The second day was Chaired by Dr Chris Flower,
Director-General, CTPA, who also spoke on the progress
being made by the European Commission in developing
common criteria for claims for cosmetic products.
Although proceeding smoothly, the opportunity was
being taken by some Member States to expand the
discussions into areas of their concern, notably ‘free from’
claims, natural and/or organic claims and claims with a
health-related element. Such a discussion cannot be
ignored and the outcomes may ultimately result in changes
to the current use of some of these types of claims.
Dr Lindsay Holden, at the time the CTPA’s Scientific Affairs
Manager, presented the requirements of the Regulation
for products containing nanomaterials, that is labelling,
declaration under the CPNP and the nano-notification for
products containing certain nanomaterials. The definition
of a nanomaterial is critical in determining which ingredients
are affected and Lindsay detailed the current status of
discussions surrounding the issue.
CTPA Events
CTPA Seminar on the EU Cosmetics Regulation
1-2 March 2012 - Royal College of Physicians, London
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