CTPA Annual Report 2012 - page 15

Sara Bergstedt
Own Product Development Company,
Graduating cohort 2005
Gemma Braganza (formerly
R & D Hair, Asia - multi-national company,
Graduating cohort 2005
CTPA Annual Report
Joining the LCF BSc course in 2001 was the best decision
I ever made. I originally spent three years studying
engineering. However, after graduating I moved to London
and spent six years in beauty retail before continuing my
studies, experience which gained me valuable insight in to
consumer shopping habits. Being a bit older when I started
the degree meant I was very determined to succeed and
make the most of the course.
During my placement year, I worked as a technician in the
laboratory of a contract manufacturer. A fast-paced business,
I gained a lot of experience in a short time and I recommend
anyone who has the chance of a placement to take it.
The same company offered me a permanent position;
I wrote my final project while working there and was
promoted to Chemist upon graduating in 2005.
After progressing to become Product Development Manager,
I decided to strike out on my own. Starting with just one
client, the business has grown and I have worked on
projects for small British start-ups as well as for large
multi-national corporations requiring advice on how to
bridge the communication gap between the technical and
marketing departments.
The course has excellent support from the cosmetics industry,
which is invaluable. We were encouraged to join the Society
of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS) and I was honoured to join the
SCS Council in 2010 where I am chair of the International
Journal of Cosmetic Science committee. I am also delighted
that, with the help of the SCS, there is now a two-page
spread in The Careers Directory distributed to secondary
schools, helping students interested in science to have useful
information on the careers available in our exciting industry.
Since finishing the BSc Cosmetic Science in 2005, I have been
working in the product development department of a
multi-national company. My first assignment was in the hair
colorants department, building on my industry placement
when I worked as product development assistant in a small
cosmetics and toiletries development and manufacturing
company. This has given me valuable perspective on how a
small versus large company operates.
My assignments within hair colorants spanned multiple
brands, technologies (bleaches, tints, developers), and roles.
Over seven years, I have gained both formulation and process
development experience and worked in new product areas such
as the hair removal category. I was also able to develop other
transferrable skills such as statistics and formulation modelling.
Most recently, I have moved to our new R&D centre in
Singapore, designing products for the global hair conditioner
business. It has been an exciting transition, working at a
growing site, near one of the largest expanding consumer
markets. Hopefully, this new role will give me new
experiences both professionally and personally.
CTPA bursary awards being given to LCF students for
the 2011/2012 academic year.
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