CTPA Annual Report 2012 - page 14

Pauline Hui
Haircare Sensory Designer & Formulation
Scientist - multi-national company,
Graduating cohort 2008
Elisabeth (Lissie) Dufton
Full-time Masters by Research,
University of Leeds,
Graduating cohort 2010
Nirmita Sheth
Senior Cosmetic Scientist -
global cosmetic brand,
Graduating cohort 2007
A Career in Cosmetic Science
London College of Fashion BSc (Hons) Cosmetic Science
The London College of Fashion (LCF) has been running a BSc
(Hons) Cosmetic Science course for over 10 years and the
2012/13 academic year saw the start of an integrated MSc
Cosmetic Science which will replace the original course but
provide a BSc exit point.
The CTPA has supported the Cosmetic Science course since
inception and is really pleased to see that graduates from the
course have found interesting posts either within the industry
or as a starting point for their own business. Some students
have gone on to further academic studies. Read about the
course experiences and career paths since graduating of five
LCF alumni.
With an interest in science and a passion for beauty, I took
science A levels in addition to a BTEC in Beauty Therapy
Sciences and followed with the degree course in Cosmetic
Science at the LCF. The course included everything from
formulating products to learning about product and
packaging, legislation, marketing, supply chain and statistics.
I spent my industrial placement year working in a laboratory
as a formulation technologist in the colour cosmetics team,
even helping to reformulate a lipstick range, and my final
year research project was for the same company.
Once I graduated, LCF introduced me to the International
Summer School of Science and Engineering where I spent
a summer in Lyon, France and carried out a research
project on emulsifiers as well as learning French. Soon after,
my placement company offered me a job in the skin care
team. I spent three years working on formulating women’s
and men’s skincare, as well as washing and bathing products.
More recently, I have been working as a Haircare Sensory
Designer and Formulation Scientist in the Global Consumer
Technical Insights Team. I am learning about consumers’
habits and attitudes and understanding why consumers buy
the products that they do.
I don’t believe that I would be where I am now without the
grounding I gained from LCF and it’s great to see so many
friends on the same course become successful too.
When deciding on my future career, I wanted something that
fitted both my interest in science and my passion for creativity.
Cosmetic Science at LCF catered for both, covering everything
from raw material selection and chemistry of formulations
to marketing and legislation. The third year work placement
in Germany was so valuable, putting theory into practice.
I worked on preserving cosmetics, learning advanced skills
in microbiology and researching novel ways to tackle natural
preservation. In my final year, I worked on a project to test
an anti-ageing cream
in vivo,
evaluating the change in skin
parameters such as barrier permeability, pigmentation and
topography over time.
After I graduated I worked as a research assistant at the
University of Leeds in the role of formulations scientist,
looking into natural, functional ingredients. I am now
embarking on a new journey – a full-time Masters by
Research looking into the efficacy and enhancing the
delivery of natural actives to the skin. The foundations
of the LCF course have provided the perfect platform to
launch me into a rewarding, scientific and creative career.
The BSc (Hons) Cosmetic Science degree is an amazing course
for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in any sector of the
cosmetic industry, including R&D, regulatory, marketing and
project management. My first job was as a Technical Officer
within the regulatory department of a creative and dynamic
company. I was responsible for updating the business with
regulation updates/changes, the Product Information File, liaising
with external testing houses, collating raw material information
and much more.
However, I missed formulating in the laboratory and took the
opportunity when a vacancy arose as a Junior Chemist.
Two years on I was promoted to Senior Chemist. I now head
many projects and am able to make critical project decisions.
I have travelled abroad for conferences, trade shows and
training to our sister company in the US. I have been with the
company for over 5 years now and am thinking about further
education. My long-term objective is to deliver promising and
innovative products to the market and specialise in a particular
field of skincare and/or suncare.
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