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CTPA Annual Report
Colour with Confidence Campaign launched December 2012
Media reports on allergic reactions to hair colorants are not uncommon,
although industry data do not suggest an actual increase in reactions to
hair colorants. Industry continues to promote the Allergy Alert Test as the
best way of indicating whether an individual has developed an allergy to
a hair colorant, in a small discreet area before going on to colour the hair.
However, it is also acknowledged that uptake of the Allergy Alert Test
can be improved.
Research* carried out by YouGov Plc (12-15 October 2012) showed 13.7
million women in the UK planned to colour their hair for the party season
ahead of Christmas Day. However, more than three quarters (76%)
admitted they would not carry out an Allergy Alert Test beforehand and
so had no way of knowing if they could face an unexpected reaction to
the hair colorant they use. Limited understanding of how allergy works
could be driving this lack of preparedness. According to the research,
half (49%) of women say that the reason they do not carry out the
Allergy Alert Test is because they have “coloured their hair lots of times,
and never had a problem”.
In order to raise the importance of the Allergy Alert
Test, both with home-kit users and in the salon, the
CTPA joined forces with the National Hairdressers’
Federation (NHF) to launch ‘Colour With Confidence’
at the end of the year. Headed by the President of
NHF and celebrity hair stylist, Mark Coray, Colour
With Confidence encourages people to perform an
Allergy Alert Test every time they colour their hair.
Mark shared his key style tips in a collection of
‘how-to’ video guides and other top stylists from across the industry
also backed the Colour with Confidence campaign providing great tips.
All of these can be accessed via the CTPA’s consumer and media website
This survey was conducted between 12-15 October 2012 by YouGov Plc from
a sample size of 2,053 UK adults. The figures have been weighted and are
representative of all UK adults aged 18+. 55.6% of women surveyed planned
to colour their hair between then and Christmas Day that year. According to
the Office for National Statistics mid-2007 population estimates, there were
24,699,021 women in the UK.
55.6% of this figure is 13,732,655.
admitted they would not carry out an Allergy Alert Test
before applying the hair colorant they use.
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