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Chairman’s Report
Lady Jay (Sylvia) CBE
on 2011
Andrew McCarthy retired as Chairman of the CTPA in June
and I must begin by thanking him for his strategic thinking
and guidance as the Association negotiated the uncertain
terrain underpinning the advertising of our products and their
benefits. His knowledge and contacts assisted the Secretariat
greatly and helped the Association show our industry to be
responsible advertisers, in the face of widespread criticism of
advertising generally and especially concerning the use of body
images. That issue continues to be controversial and, as can be
seen from the separate section on body image, has been taken
up at European level by our umbrella organisation Cosmetics
Europe, through its Strategic Project Team on Responsible
Self-Regulation, of which our Director-General,Dr Chris Flower,
is Vice-chairman.
It is in such areas that CTPA makes a great difference for
members, covering issues on behalf of the industry as a whole
that would be difficult or inappropriate for individual members,
or small groups of members, to tackle.
Throughout the year, CTPA held a series of meetings with
the UK competent authority for cosmetics legislation,
the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS),
to ensure officials knew our industry’s positions prior to
meetings of member states with the European Commission.
Similar meetings were held with other government departments
on issues where cosmetics might become involved, usually as
an unintended consequence. These meetings were invariably
constructive because of the strong working relationships
established between CTPA and the officials concerned.
In one area, however, a noticeable gap has arisen.
The dissolution of LACORS, the Local Authorities’
Co-ordinators of Regulatory Services, left us with no
single point of contact when trying to ensure consistent
interpretation and enforcement across Trading Standards.
Fortunately, during the year, CTPA identified a specific
Trading Standards Officer (TSO) who may well become
the lead for all of Trading Standards on cosmetics and
may even provide an opening into the Trading Standards
Institute, which provides training for TSOs.
During 2011 we expected the European Commission to bring
forward a legislative proposal on the marketing ban relating to
animal testing, due to come into force in 2013. As you will see
elsewhere in this report, CTPA has been fully involved with
Cosmetics Europe’s discussions about the options with the
European Commission and other stakeholders, including animal
welfare groups. One task fell specifically to CTPA: a series of
one-to-one meetings with UK members of the European
Parliament, to ensure they had full background briefing on
the issue, including a clear presentation of industry concerns
and wishes and an offer to provide future help as the
negotiations continue.
These are just a few examples of how CTPA works in the UK
and at European level to improve the environment in which
members compete and to protect members’ licence to operate.
2011 has been a busy year but the Association has coped
admirably and in a highly cost effective way. It has shown itself
fully conscious of the need to provide value for money in the
current difficult economic climate and, as well as ensuring
efficient management of costs, has agreed with the Board ways
of increasing income, whilst remaining true to its mission.
For the first time in over twenty years, therefore, the fees’
structure has been revised to reduce the impact of
amalgamations and take-overs on total subscriptions.
In addition, Associate Membership has been opened to
retailers who market various brands. These two measures should
broaden and deepen our membership base and also ensure that
the Association remains on a sound financial footing.
I shall end by expressing my sincere thanks to all members
of the Board for their support during my first year as Chairman,
and especially to the Vice-chairmen and to our long-standing
Treasurer, John Harold. Particular thanks also go to the
Secretariat for their great work on behalf of our industry,
covering the breadth and depth of the many issues confronting
us, to an admirably high standard.