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Cover photograph of Keri-anne Payne, Olympic Swimmer and Ambassador for Max Factor and Oral-B
CTPA Membership
What can we do for you?
Representing Members worldwide
• Over 100 Members representing small, medium, large
and multi-national companies supplying the UK market
• Companies include manufacturers, distributors, ingredient
suppliers, contract laboratories, contract manufacturers,
retailers of own brand
• Representing around 80% by value of the £8,356 million
UK market supply
Working with Members
• 24/7 Members’ only intranet full of useful guidance,
up-to-date news and with time-saving issue tracking –
everyone in your company can access this tool wherever
they are in the world
• Cosmetics Basics - free workshops for members at
CTPA to help maximise your membership
• Topic-specific seminars and committee meetings driven
by area of competence or issue
• CTPA presentations at your company and at
external meetings
Key Objectives
• Work with all key stakeholders to provide creative,
pragmatic solutions to new issues
• Individual confidential advice provided to members by
experienced regulatory, scientific and technical staff on
anything from ingredient issues to best practice
manufacturing guidance
• Intercept media issues with fast, robust rebuttal
• Positive proactive communications to build confidence
and trust in the industry’s safe, effective products
• Promote the CTPA’s
the research resource
for journalists, consumers,
stakeholders and members
• Be seen as the leading trade association, offering value
for money to members and setting the bar high
For more details about joining the CTPA see our website :
“…membership is what you make of it – the value comes from
contributing and using the vast resources at your disposal.”
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