Page 21 - CTPA Annual Report 2011

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Information for Consumers
The CTPA’s much referenced consumer website,
, seeks to provide factual
information in a very relevant and easily understood
manner. As part of the brand refresh strategy
undertaken in 2011, the site received a facelift to
provide better navigation to key topics.
Beauty Matters:
this section now houses new video
material featuring renowned make-up artist
Caroline Barnes which originated from work with around the positive impact that taking
care of our appearance can have on an individual’s
self-esteem, and to society at large. Also included
on the site are a series of video testimonials by
Dr Alex Clarke, expert speaker at the Beauty Matters
media panel. In them, Alex answers a series of
questions around the positive role of the industry on
self-esteem, reiterating many of the points made at
the original media panel.
Safety Matters:
working with numerous stakeholders
on key issues has become an important strand of the
CTPA’s communication programme and during the year
we liaised with Trading Standards and the Consumer
Safety Department of the Business, Innovation & Skills
Department (BIS) on ‘Brazilian’ hair straighteners and
produced a safety factsheet to alert the general public
to the dangers of illegal products. Hair colorants and
allergy remained key topics throughout the year.
Much work has been done with the professional
organisations for hairdressers and allergy and the
media to raise understanding around the issue of
allergies generally and the importance of following
the manufacturers’ instructions on hair colorants closely.
Sustainability Matters:
with sustainability an increasing
focus for companies and brands, the CTPA added a new
section to its consumer website ‘Sustainability Matters’ to
show the industry’s understanding of this complex and
diverse issue and demonstrate its positive progress towards
a sustainable future.
The success of the 2011 activity is most clearly
demonstrated by the significant rise in traffic (25%)
to the site; 51,000 visits compared with 41,000 in 2010.
By analysing Google Analytics on a regular basis and
refreshing content where necessary, the CTPA has
also ensured that the site has continued to increase
the number of people who return; just under 14,000
compared with 11,000 the previous year. Indeed, the
majority of visits to the site (64%) are driven by
search engines, demonstrating the success of the site.
Educational Initiatives
Media Smart:
CTPA provided industry’s expert input
and seed-funding to a new Body Image module
for 10-11 year olds produced by Media Smart.
Media Smart aims to encourage an informed
approach to understanding advertising images
from a young age. The module was launched in
conjunction with the Home Office as part of its
Campaign on Body Confidence in the autumn
of 2011.