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CTPA Working with the Media,
Educators and Consumers
In 2003 the CTPA set out a mission statement for the future:
“To be the authoritative, public voice of a vibrant and
responsible industry”.
With the support of its members, the CTPA has cemented
its role as the industry’s authoritative, public voice and its
commentary is widely regarded as credible by government,
stakeholders and the media alike.
There was therefore an appetite to agree a new ambition for
the next five years and to set out, as far as possible, the key
themes that should underpin it. The agreed ambition is to
secure the trust of stakeholders, partners and the public in
the Association and, by proxy, in the industry as a whole.
In short:
“To be the authoritative, public voice of
a vibrant and responsible UK industry
trusted to act responsibly in meeting
consumers’ needs”.
Communicating the safety and efficacy of the industry’s diverse,
and growing, range of products remains the foundation stone
of the CTPA’s communications. However, in working towards
building greater trust, the 2011 programme included many
initiatives around the positive contribution made by the industry
to innovation, self-esteem and sustainability.
Working with stakeholders
The CTPA has continued to strengthen its understanding of the
communications environment in which it operates by carrying
out a comprehensive audit of key stakeholders and the online
landscape. The ambition is to better understand the key issues
and strengthen relationships to ensure resource remains highly
targeted and to lend added credibility to both rebuttal and
pro-active communications.
“The fact that the CTPA liaises so closely
with Government on safety issues also
helps to bolster its credibility”
Sheila Kelly, Chief Executive.
Working with the Media
CTPA held a media panel early in 2011 when twelve
key health and beauty journalists debated the interesting
topic, Does Beauty Matter? The discussions were used to
better understand the media’s and consumers’ perceptions
of the broader body confidence debate and the cosmetic
industry’s role within it.
Lucy Beresford, a writer, psychotherapist (UKCP registered),
and media commentator who writes about human
psychology and mental health and Dr Alex Clarke, the head
of the psychology department within the Royal Free
Hospital Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
provided an interesting and credible catalyst to debate.
Zoe Williams, the third speaker, provided a moving personal
perspective on the importance of body confidence on
self-esteem, having experienced the benefits of the Look
Good, Feel Better programme while undergoing cancer
treatment several years previously. And the insights from
the event have now informed the tone and content of the
CTPA’s communications approach going forward. A CTPA
factsheet was developed following the panel and Psychologies
magazine also developed a three-page article on the topic.
The CTPA continues to monitor for key issues in the
media that could undermine trust in the industry and its
products. The CTPA provides background and quotes for
media reports and articles and can also consider providing
spokespeople. On average, the CTPA posted one reactive or
pro-active statement on its consumer website each month
during the past year often with wider associated activity with
social or traditional media. These statements have rebutted
common media-myth stories such as the claim that the use
of certain cosmetics and, in particular, shampoos could be
contributing to obesity. They’ve also acted as pro-active
reminders for media and consumers to take various actions
such as remembering to spring clean cosmetic bags.
“The CTPA and brands
alike must try to help
hairdressers better
understand cosmetic
and toiletry products”
Eileen Lawson, Secretary General