Page 19 - CTPA Annual Report 2011

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“EU Compliant products
(Formula and labelling)
are generally acceptable
as long as they have been
registered with the
Dubai Municipality”
“ASEAN adopted the Asean
Cosmetic Directive (ACD)
based on the EU Cosmetic Directive
in 2009 but harmonisation is
unfortunately going backwards
in some cases, noticeably in
Vietnam and Indonesia”
South Africa
“Products should comply with
the CTFA South Africa Cosmetic
Compendium developed by the
Industry, Government and SABS
(South African Bureau of
Standards) which includes Codes
of Practice, Standards and
Annexes of ingredients”
“Members should be
aware of the difference
of process between
cosmetics and
therapeutic goods
“The new Korean Cosmetic
Act will be a big challenge
for EU companies,
in particular regarding
the new GMP and
Claims requirements”
“The new Chinese
regulatory regime for
cosmetics is impacting the EU
cosmetic industry and companies
are facing a lot of difficulties
to market products with
‘new ingredients’”
“The Israeli Ministry of Health
is willing to adopt the
EU Cosmetics Regulation
and published a draft bill
on this issue in 2010”
“The Japanese regulatory
system for cosmetics
and quasi drugs
is very specific”
“A new system of
registration should
be coming into force
in April 2012”
“It was a great opportunity to share difficulties we are facing in
some countries and realise that we were not the only one struggling!”
The CTPA would like to thank all of the speakers
for their first class contributions.
including members,
guests and speakers.