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Cosmetic Basics Workshops 2011
Owing to the success of the CTPA Cosmetic Basics Workshops in 2010, a further series of
workshops was held throughout 2011 with more than 70 delegates attending the 5 sessions.
“Excellent update on cosmetic legislation –
very professional slides and presentations.
A very worthwhile course”
“As a newcomer to the cosmetic industry
I found this event very informative and it
clarified many areas”
“Really excellent, very helpful, packed with useful information.
The take-away pack is really good quality. I am very glad to have
had the opportunity to come and recommend it highly”
Attendees were provided with a basic
understanding of the Cosmetics Directive’s
requirements and benefited from the latest
CTPA advice and recommended best
practice through a Q&A session with the
three CTPA Affairs Managers (Regulatory,
Scientific, Technical).
Mainly dedicated to SMEs, new members
and regulatory staff or personnel new to
the cosmetics industry, the sessions were
attended by a good mix of companies
such as manufacturers, brand owners,
contract manufacturers and retailers.
These events are also seen as an
opportunity for attendees to have
direct contact with CTPA, to meet
their counterparts and exchange
views on regulatory issues.
CTPA Affairs Managers
Dr Lindsay Holden Olivia Santoni
Amanda Isom
CTPA Events