Page 15 - CTPA Annual Report 2011

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Paul Cox/Harper Collins
News from Europe
Dear Colleagues,
It is with great pleasure that I meet CTPA’s request to share some
‘Brussels perspectives’ observations for the CTPA Annual Report.
Our industry is faced with ever increasing challenges every day,
requiring a pro-active strategy that focuses on our licence to
operate and on enhancing and preserving trust and confidence
from consumers and stakeholders.
The value of our industry’s contributions to society is often underestimated. The values of
well-being, self-esteem and self-confidence, the sheer joy and fulfilment that beauty gives,
are important assets in every citizen’s life.
Although the ‘European consumer’ does not exist, there is a general recognition across
Europe that we have to do more to explain these values, to talk about our contributions.
The personal care industry must demonstrate that it cares, and it has to strengthen its
outreach to all stakeholders: consumers, citizens and decision-makers alike.
That is why the European cosmetics association Colipa, in its 50th year of existence,
has chosen to rejuvenate and clarify its identity. Our name has become unambiguous:
Cosmetics Europe – the Personal Care Association.
We have widened the ‘traditional agenda’ to new horizons, we strengthen our
communication and public affairs, we deepen our involvement in sustainable development.
In today’s world our industry’s licence to operate is not any longer exclusively defined by
technical and regulatory issues: we are expected to show that we care for society in all its
aspects. We build on our past, to serve for the future.
This drives our strategies, our operations, our collaboration with members and
stakeholders, in Europe and across the globe. And we do this – as always – in intense
collaboration with CTPA, proud to be able to work with such enthusiastic, knowledgeable
and committed colleagues!
Bertil Heerink