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04. Review of the Year
Ingredient Defence
Without ingredients there would be no cosmetic
products. As an industry we are able to respond to
the growing needs of consumers for more innovative
and high performance products due, in the main,
to a wide potential palette of available cosmetic
ingredients. However, this pool of ingredients is
constantly being challenged. We also need to
recognise that ingredients are generally defended by
the efforts of the largest companies in our industry
because of the cost, time, effort and technical
expertise required. Owing to competition law,
national trade associations can only be involved if the
ingredients in question are used widely by Members.
Small companies may not be able to afford to defend
ingredients they might be using if they become subject
to official review and often the ingredients that give
them a point of difference can be lost, not because
they are unsafe but because they are not defended.
So it is more important than ever that specific
ingredients are only put up for official review if there
are solid scientific concerns about their safety.
A number of ingredients received attention in
2011, some of which have been under the
spotlight for many years.