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04. Review of the Year
Sustainability Matters
CTPA’s own public and media-facing website,
, has lots of content written
in plain language that is relevant to the body confidence
debate. As part of the updated look and style of the
website, the opportunity was taken to create three new
sections on Beauty Matters, Safety Matters and Sustainability
Matters. Additional content relevant to the current debates
on body confidence has been taken from the CTPA’s
educational programme Catie
included in Beauty Matters, which deals with perception
of beauty and the positive impact of appearance on
self-esteem and self-worth.
A totally new section on Sustainability Matters has been
written for two reasons: CTPA member companies have
active programmes on sustainability and government,
investors and the general public want to know that our
industry takes sustainability seriously; and secondly,
many journalists writing about the beauty industry had
intimated that they do not understand what sustainability
means and they needed a ready-reference to explain the
issues in a straightforward way.
The traffic to the CTPA's consumer website continues
to grow strongly, underlining the success of this part
of our communications strategy.
Regulatory Issues
In spite of all the good intentions about ‘better regulation’
from the UK Government and the European Commission,
the cosmetics industry continues to be affected by a host of
regulatory initiatives or extensions to existing regulation.
International Regulation
CTPA remains actively involved in cosmetics industry working
groups looking at new regulations being developed for
cosmetic products in India, Israel and Korea. The aim is to
ensure that new legislation complements the new European
Cosmetics Regulation as far as practicable. The European
Union Chamber of Commerce (EUCCK) organised a seminar
on 30 November in Seoul on the impact on the cosmetics
industry of the new Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between
EU and Korea. Most EU cosmetics exported to Korea
currently face a duty of 8% (the EU has 0% duty on
cosmetic imports). The FTA should entirely eliminate these
duties over a maximum time of 5 years. During the Seminar,
presentations were made by various stakeholders including
the EU delegation, the French cosmetics association (FEBEA),
the Korean Food & Drug Administration (KFDA), the EUCCK
and Korean cosmetic companies. Olivia Santoni from CTPA
presented the UK cosmetics market and explained how
the Cosmetics Directive is implemented here. It was a very
successful event, well attended by Korean companies and
European stakeholders.
International Information Day
On Tuesday 6 December CTPA held an International
Information Day attended by 83 delegates including
members, guests and speakers. Attendees had the
opportunity of hearing about the different legislative
requirements in a number of regions including the US
and Canada, Asia, the Middle East and South America
from speakers with expert knowledge and experience
of those areas.
Read more about the event in CTPA Events (Section 5).
Olivia Santoni, CTPA,
speaking in Seoul